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Climbing his way up from the chair of vice president in 1900, the following year he was elected as the nation’s twenty-sixth president of the United States; he is none other than Theodore Roosevelt. His speeche has spread all across the nations and his contribution is one to remember.
He achieved the position of governor of New York before for he has helped lead the Rough Riders to fame during the war of Spanish-American War in 1898. As the president, he supported progressive reforms such as greater government control over business and the conservation of nature. Mark on January the 11th 1883, Theodore Roosevelt has once again deliver a speech at Buffalo, New York entitled “The ...view middle of the document...

He advise the good citizens of the United States to be practical and work hard but, not for one moment he wants you to abandon one iota of yourself respect and devotion to principle. Criticism should be honest, and intelligent in order for it to be effective. Finally he urges his fellow citizens who wishes to do their duty must be imbued through and through with the high spirit of Americanism. He stresses that if one ought to feel a better treatment than a plumber, butcher or carpenter if he has great wealth and education in ward politics; he is going to be thrown out of the race quickly and as matter of fact, thrown roughly. Concluding his speech, he reminds that we, as the citizens of US must recognize the danger that exist and that which threaten us; we should never overestimate.

Rhetorical Analysis:
Aristotle had introduced to the world about the matters that could somehow influence people in believing the issue that had being bring up. By using deliberative speeches, Roosevelt had put a bullet in American’s mind, reminding them regarding how should they act, do and run the country in order to achieve the real meaning of being American. Along the speech, significant artistic and inartistic proof have been used in Roosevelt speech. Three major artistic proof that had been used by him are ethos, pathos and logos.

Ethos as referred to Oxford English Dictionary, is the characteristic spirit of a culture, era or community as manifested in its attitudes and aspirations. Aristotle define ethos as composition of three main qualities: practical wisdom, virtue and good will as referred Roosevelt had fulfil these qualities as he touch the audience heart through his speech.
To quote from Roosevelt speech,
‘no man can be a good citizen who is not a good husband or a good father’.
A sense of being a family guy that being pour out by a prime minister does get him the impression of being the father of the country. His, to say instruction or guideline on being a good citizen feels like just an advice being told by a father to their children, whom trying to raise the children and being a good person. There is no existence of feeling of being pushed or force here. It have touch the mind as well as the heart.
‘It ought to be axiomatic in this country that every man must devote a reasonable share of his time to doing his duty in the Political life of the community’.
Proofs that appeal to the audience’s emotion, according to Aristotle, exist in Roosevelt’s speech. He touch people emotion here by claiming that saying directly straight to people face on what should they do, how should they play their role in order to be the real American. The sense of equality among everyone as everyone need to give their share, not just one parties doing their job and other could be just enjoying the summer, does bring out the spirit of togetherness.
‘there may be many more occasions when his highest duty is to sacrifice some of his own cherished...

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