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Theoretical Background Of Online Grading System

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Prof. Mary Kathryn Thompson, Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology Mary Kathryn Thompson is an Associate Professor in the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering at the Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (KAIST). She is engaged in design research at the boundary, both within engineering and beyond, and is actively working on the development and application of formal design theories to civil, environmental, and urban engineering. She is also interested in non-traditional applications of the finite element method, especially ...view middle of the document...

During this time, he helped to set up and run the university’s Moodle e-learning system and developed custom capabilities for the freshman design course. He received an award for enhancing education at KAIST from the university in 2010 and a special award for dedicated service to the KAIST Freshman Design Course in 2011 in recognition for this work.

c American Society for Engineering Education, 2012

The Development of an Online Grading System for Distributed Grading in a Large First Year Project-Based Design Course
Abstract This paper presents an online grading system that was developed to collect, process, and return the grades produced by juries using a series of rubrics in a first year project-based design course. It discusses the design requirements, features, and implementation of the online grading system, as well as reactions from course faculty and staff members. It is shown that this system has a number of advantages over analog grading methods, including scalability, real-time feedback on the status of grading, the reduced potential for human error in compiling grades, the ability for jury members to grade remotely and to revise their grades after submission, the ability for course administrators to easily review grading results and remove statistical outliers from the score set, the ability to return both provisional and final grades to the course faculty, staff, and students in a timely manner, and the ability to archive and export grading data for future use. Although the online system is a clear improvement over paper-based rubrics, it is also shown that small details can interfere with usability and thus user satisfaction and that compatibility with mobile devices is a necessary, but still unaddressed, requirement. Introduction The logistical problems associated with distributing, collecting, grading, and returning assignments and the difficulties in ensuring fairness and consistency in grading tend to increase non-linearly with the number of students enrolled in a class. This is especially true in projectbased design courses where evaluation is subjective, deliverables are team-based, and the philosophies and expectations of course faculty members may vary substantially. Online course management programs like Blackboard1 and Moodle2 can be very helpful in the dissemination of information and the collection of assignments in very large courses like those offered as part of the freshman core curriculum. However, the automated grading capabilities of these programs are generally limited to question banks with clearly defined right and wrong answers. More advanced computer-assisted grading systems have been developed for the assessment and grading of more subjective assignments such as essays3-8, business case studies9, and student software programs10. However, fully automated systems are still limited to applications with well-defined rules and objectives. Computer-assisted grading rubrics that guide the grading process and...

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