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Application of caring and critical thinking in nursing practices help nurses to expand their experiences and create a new ways, ideas in their nursing practice (carper, 1978). Nurses students are required to use critical thinking to reflect and integrate into practice all that have learned during practicum into their future practices, which will help to develop the student as a nurse and also the nursing profession. The purpose of this paper is to show how nursing student will incorporate reflection using critical thinking and caring in the nursing practice to help in client need. Reflection is actually the mental reservoir where experiences are activated. It allows one to look back with the ...view middle of the document...

The reading at the glucometer was blood sugar 2.0, and ten minutes later, she start to respond to me, and I asked her what happened, and she said that she did not remember or notice me minutes before, so I concluded, that she was hypoglycemic ( having low blood sugar). This experience is an actual explanation that critical thinking is very important in our everyday nursing practice. I was able to relate the effects of low blood sugar to a diabetic patient. Thinking critically is an active, organized cognitive process one should use carefully to examine one’s thinking and the thinking of others (Chaffee, 1994)
Literature Research and Integration
Caring involves more than actual empathy, kindness, compassion and attention. It is a skill that comprises of one showing compassion, having the orientation of human science, having caring that involves individual processes, and experiences in everyday life or nursing practices. It actually involves interpersonal process that requires administration of care (Carter, Lisa C. Nelson, Joyce L., Sievers, Beth A., Dukek, Sarah, 2008). Caring also enable nurses place a client in a family, community and culture context. Within this context, the nurse will be able to place the client as the focus of his/her practice not the technology. The context also directs and teaches the nurse the importance of connecting with the patient as human being, not as the illness. All of these ideals will actually help in the development of self as a nurse. In one of the articles on Gerontological nursing, writing by Marini (1999), Watson’s theory of transpersonal caring was used as a frame work to determine the perception of older adults on nursing caring. It was discovered actually that most important indicators of caring for residents were the nurse’s ability to meet their patient’s physical needs. That is to say that caring involves listening to patient and touching them, sitting at the bedside to feel with them while giving nursing care. All these processes will allow nurses care for their patients as well as themselves. According to (Caruso, E, Cisar, N. Pipe., T, 2007), it is a mutual relationship between nurse and patient will increase the awareness, and promote healing environment.
Nursing interview
On my practicum I had an interview with a Registered nurse who has worked with pediatric patient for five years at sick kids Toronto and emergency on how she relate caring and critical thinking on her nursing practice. She start by explaining that on her own understanding that caring is ability to be present when needed, emotionally connecting with the client to show concern, compassion, and love. (Personal communication, 2008). She went on saying that in terms of connecting with client, it is very devastating for her when she used to work with kids. She crieswhen she losses her patient. She defined critical thinking as a process of thinking outside the box. She continue to say that, it is ability to...

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