There Are Many Points Of Matter Expressed In The Book Frankenstein. One Of The Points Of Matter, Which Still Plagues Our Society, Is The Notion Of Playing God

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There are many points of matter expressed in the book Frankenstein. One of the points of matter, which still plagues our society, is the notion of playing god. Another of the stories numerous points of matter are no one will ever be or be able to create a perfect man. Also, every person, no matter if they aren't attractive, wants and needs to be loved.When Victor was creating this monster in his laboratory he was concentrated on his one goal only. He was not paying attention to what the monster looked like, he was picturing in his head how well respected he would become or how rich and famous he would be. He never thought of the immoral blasphemy he was creating against God. When he finally finished the monster he was aware of the monster and responsibility finally hit ...view middle of the document...

A rash decision just like any human would make. Through this experience the reader sees that only hideous things can come from playing God.The next important point of matter is no matter how hard you try no one will ever be able to create a perfect human being. Victor Frankenstein had imagination. It was this that fueled his desire to learn all he could about the known world and its inner workings. This is what drives Victor to feel that he can actually create a perfect person. Even though Victor looks and finds the best specimens for each part of the body he still ends up with a hideous eight-foot creature. Victor is stunned and scared of his creation. Victor eventually understands that it is impossible to create a perfect human being, but unfortunately it was too late to take it back, so Victor had to live with the death that his so called perfect human being inflicted on people.The final point of matter was very important to the hideous monster. Even though the monster was ugly, he still needed someone to love and someone to love him. The monster drives Victor to make the monster a mate, but just before Victor is finished he destroys the mate. After this, the monster is so angry he kills Victor's best friend and his wife on their wedding night.In conclusion the reader sees one of the most important moral that plague our society still today, which is playing God. Also when your playing with God's creation there is no hope that anyone would ever be able to create a human as good as what God has created. Finally when Victor created this hideous monster he never realized that every person on this Earth needs to have some one to love them. Hopefully Victor realized it after the death of his two closes partners.

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