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A personality of an individual gives him color. Human personality is the particular combination of emotional attitudinal and behavioral response of an individual. Human behavior refers to the range of behaviors exhibited by humans that are influenced by attitudes and emotions. Attitude is an expression of favor or disfavor toward a person, place or thing. A main factor that determines attitudes is like and dislikes, when one person likes one person he/she shows care and love to them. Attitudes can sculpt personalities and the way people view who we are. People with similar attitudes tend to stick together as interests and hobbies are common. This does not mean that people with ...view middle of the document...

According to the Alan Guttmacher Institute (1988), 22% of females and 27% of females have had sexual intercourse by age fifteen, and 76% of females and 85% of males by age nineteen. My more recent (2008) surveys of teens, for my published book, indicated a lower percentage rate for first intercourse experience for both males and females, in spite of the prevailing opinion that today's teens are out of control. It is also noted that there are decreased rates of teen pregnancies over the last twenty years. The National Center for Health Statistics (2005), reported that the teen birth rate in 1991 was 39 births per 1,000 teens and the current report down to 21 per 1,000 teens, with a 63% increase of teens using condoms.
There are many factors linked to when teens will have a first intercourse experience: peer influences, gender, race, drug and alcohol involvement, parental influence, socio-economic status, level of educational achievement and educational aspirations, and community standards, to name a few. Below are some findings that relate to this occurrence.
* Poor academic performance by grade four predicted sexual activity by grade nine.

* When parents know where their teens were and who they were with (parental monitoring), it appeared effective in delaying sex, especially for younger teens.

* Dropping out of school significantly increased the likelihood of first time intercourse for both males and females.

* Females with increasing years of educational attainment, delay the age of first sexual intercourse, with an estimate that for each additional year of school achievement, sexual activity is delayed by.75 years.

* Teens, of both sexes, who aspired to high educational goals, as opposed to those with low educational goals, delayed sex. Perhaps having goals assists the goal seeker to pause and consider the potential risks that sexual...

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