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MEMORANDUM: Welcome to the 2010 ThinkChina Summer Internship Program
Dear Parents, ThinkChina is the leading internship placement program for students interested in gaining unique working and cultural experience in Asia. ThinkChina creates and administers programs which allow your son or daughter to explore and gain valuable experience while promoting self-discovery in regards to their future. ThinkChina Program Directors are looking forward to getting to know the 2010 student applicants and assist in making this one of the best summer experiences! ThinkChina staff has gone through extensive preparation and diligence to set up one of the ...view middle of the document...

Be sure to carefully read Program Policies ( before signing waiver on page 3 of application Please email the application form to admissions to ensure a space is saved for you. All other items can be mailed to: ThinkChina Admissions, PO Box 7775 #21095, San Francisco, CA 94120-7775 The admissions process begins once all items have been received.

REFERRALS (this section is optional)
How did you hear about our program? Web Search Counselor Family

Please list any friends or family who may wish to receive our brochure. Name Email Phone

Friend Referral Other

Name Address City,St,Zip Citizenship

Cell phone Email T-Shirt Size

Birthday (mm/dd/yy) Male Female

Mother Address City,St,Zip Occupation Employer Work Phone Home Phone Cell Phone Email Father Address City,St,Zip Occupation Employer Work Phone Home Phone Cell Phone Email 800-264-9878 page 1


School Name Address City,St,Zip First Major Second Major yes

Entry Date Year in School School Type Minor Language Courses no

Graduation Date GPA (out of 4.0) School Phone

I authorize ThinkChina to validate the academic information provided on this application with my University or College.

You should begin your list with the activities requiring the most amount of time commitment (work, volunteer, school activities, sports, clubs).
Description Years Participated Time Commitment (per week) Positions / Awards 800-264-9878 page 2


This application combined with an interview with one of our ThinkChina Admission Officers will assist us in matching your profile with the corresponding internship. Send in your application before the deadline to ensure sufficient time to place you in a suitable internship. Interest Statements 1. Why do you want to join the ThinkChina Internship Program? (max 150 words)

2. Please tell us about the type of position you would seek in a summer internship. Please elaborate on what your expectations are. (max 150 words)

3. Have you ever been abroad? If yes, please describe your experience. (max 150 words)

Language Statements (this better matches you to the right internship) 1. Please rate your spoken Mandarin Chinese. none beginner 2. Please rate your written / reading Mandarin Chinese. none beginner 3. Do you speak any other languages (besides Mandarin Chinese)? If yes, please list.

intermediate intermediate yes


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