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Thinking Style.

My thinking evolves from comprehension. The way I comprehend things consist of understanding information, grasp meaning, translate knowledge into new context, interpret facts, compare, contrast, order, group, infer causes, predict consequences. This is when I start using old ideas to create new ones, generalize from given facts, relate knowledge from several areas, predict, and draw conclusions. My thinking process is affected by various factors. For example the people we surround ourselves with play an intimate part into our attitudes and perspective on life. My way of thinking could be considered a ladder of thought. I work my way up to get to the end of the matter.

I’m like a beginning thinker who develops a stage and is ready to analyze, recognize and express their thoughts in a constructive way. This doesn’t mean that I have the ...view middle of the document...

Understanding and trying to figure out where my inferences and assumptions have come from is another huge hurdle I am trying to overcome. As it pertains to being a student, I am trying to gather a broader range of understanding. Looking at the ways in which classes overlap, some of the meanings behind what is being taught, educators teaching styles, how classes and information pertain to my life and how I may explain the subject to another student or friend. All of these have required that I take a deeper look at the subject and determine the breadth and depth of the subject.

One weakness that I believe I have when it comes to thinking is that the quality of my thoughts determines the disappointments, satisfactions, and self-esteem that I experienced in my personal or student life. Such a style of thinking negatively affects the critical thinking process and, furthermore, hinders the ability to make adequate decisions. Another weakness could be a lack of interest in the subject. I could turn into an unreflective thinker where I have superficial and unreflective thoughts. I might not even take the efforts to have assumptions, inferences, or points of view towards the topic.

One of the strengths related to my thinking processes could be ordering of the thoughts -- whether through logic or through association. Order is useful not only in the process of thought itself, but also the presentation of those thoughts. Successful communication is often based on order to a very large degree. I believe that one must apply order to one’s internal thoughts, which can help your thinking to avoid going in a chaotic or random direction. And also, analysis of a topic is very important to me and it involves seeing patterns, organization of parts, recognition of hidden meanings, and identification of components which help me understand better.

By becoming a more effective and active learner one becomes a better thinker. And as one grows and learns he or she gains critical thinking skills. Hence I hope to get better and better as I ascend the ladder of thoughts.

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