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Thinking Things Over Essay

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“Life is a game that must be played.” How do you win at this so-called game of life? You don’t, there is no winner or loser in this game of life. Its either you live or you die without fully living. To fully live one must overcome the opponents within themselves. The biggest opponent to your-self is the one inside your head. Over-thinking too much or reflection at the wrong moment can lead to your downfall. Heinrich von Kleist believes that “reflection, or thinking something over, finds its proper moment after rather than before an act.” His opinion stems from the premise that life is essentially a contest with fate. Holding this view sets up everything and every situation as a win/lose ...view middle of the document...

The time to reflect would be after this incident as Heinrich von Kleist agrees.
In contrast to his assertion, there are times when you should, as a necessity, think about something before you go into it because some things are too important to treat as a contest. Decisions like buying a car, choosing a college, choosing a mate, etc. should be planned for and not treated lightheartedly. In the instance of the wrestler, I believe he does draw upon prior knowledge and practice before he goes into a meet. For example, as a soccer player, I know what to do in order to be successful in certain situations. I know what the best play to make is and when to make it. That comes from understanding of the game and from playing for 17 years. It also comes from having an open mind and learning as much as you can at practice. Than before you step on to the field, you have to think about what you have learned from practices and previous games and than apply that knowledge to what you as a member of your team on the field must do to ensure a win.
For most situations, I agree that reflecting should come after an action as a means to learning and growing as an individual. For example, in the movie, Fearless, Huo Yuanjia started out arrogant and confident, but throughout the series of horrible events, like the most life changing one, the death of his family, had really affected his character. The years on the farm brought him down to earth a bit. In one scene he is helping with some farm work, and in highly competitive fashion, attempts to get more work done than his fellow co-workers. Of course he rushes and botches the job. He then learns that the workers are happy working at a good...

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