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Thirteen Reasons Why Analysis

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Tone The tone that Jay Asher uses is somewhat tricky. The tone is foreboding; a strong inner feeling of a future misfortune. Hannah is having indecisive feelings, about whether to commit suicide or not, after so many people keep adding to her list. The examples provided next are the reasons why Hannah Baker committed suicide. For example, in chapter 6 page 88, it states “So who were you? I saw your height and you hair, but I couldn’t see your face clearly enough. Still, you gave yourself up, Tyler. The next day at school I ...view middle of the document...

Very clever, I thought. Why don’t you count them? So she did. “Lets see, now. Here’s one . . . and two . . . “ I slid one foot off the bed. “ . . . three!” To me, this part of the book stood out. The counting, exclamation marks, and actions. Another example is in chapter 3 page 25. The author states, “The dream starts with me on top of the rocket, holding on to the steering wheel. It’s still a playground rocket, not a real one, but every time I turn the wheel to the left, the trees in the park lift up their roots and sidestep it to the left. When I turn the wheel to the right, they sidestep to the right. Then I hear your voice calling from the ground.” These two examples are using the sense of sight.
Stylistic Devices Something that the author uses a lot in this book is rhetorical questions. For example, in page 8 when he says, “Now, why would a dead girl lie?” of course, every question that she does is a rhetorical question, since they are on tapes, and she is dead. Though, these are the most attention grabbing ones. Another example is on...

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