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Thirty Eight Who Saw Murder And Didnt Call The Police

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“Thirty Eight Who Saw Murder Didn’t Call the Police”
Jill Murray
Professor Askary
English Comp 1
Hudson County College

Martin Gansberg
Martin Gansberg was born on May 6, 1920 in Brooklyn New York. Graduating from Saint John’s University, he went to be a reporter and editor for the New York Times for forty three years. Mr. Gansberg was married to his wife for 48 years. Her name was Agitha Miller Gansberg. They had a son, Alan, and a daughter, Judith Gansberg. He also had a brother, Murray, and a sister, Eudice Stadlen and two granddaughters. Mr. Gansberg also won recognition for a front page article he wrote in 1964 about the murder of a young woman named Catherine Genvese, known by ...view middle of the document...

She was just coming home from work, as a bar manager in Hollis, Queens. Kitty noticed a man standing at the end of the lot and out of fear she began to walk faster. She got as far as the street light in front of a bookstore before the man grabbed her. She screamed in pain, “Oh my god, he stabbed me! Please help me.” The lights went on around her in the building and even someone shouted down, “Leave that girl alone.” Gansberg looked up, shrugged Miss Genovese who was now making her way to the back of her apartment building which is where her front door is located because the front of the building was run by stores. He stabbed her again! “I’m dying!” She shrieked. This time neighbors had opened windows and lights had gone on and the assailant got into his car and drove away. A city bus was heading to Kennedy International Airport had just passed, by then it was 3:00 am. The man had returned again, this time he had on a hat to cover his face. Miss Genovese had managed to

Thirty-Eight Who Saw Murder Didn’t Call Police
Murray, Jill
Professor Askary
26, September, 2014

crawl to the back of the building and in hope for safety she entered the nearest door on Austin Street. The assailant saw her slumped on the floor at the foot of the stairs, he stabbed her one last time.
It was about 3:50 in the morning when the police had received their first call from a man, a neighbor of Miss Genovese. In two minutes the police were at the scene. A 70 year old woman and another woman were the only people on the street, no one else came forward. It was now 4:45 am when police came and took the body of Miss Genovese. Police were baffled and asked why no one did anything before to help this woman. Sheepishly a man said he “didn’t want to get involved.” Gansberg (129-130). One man said he witnessed the second attack but without remorse he said, “I was tired.” “I went back to bed.” Gansberg (130-130). Six days later the police found the man responsible...

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