This Essay Compares The Impact Of Modernization On The Roles And Living Standards Of Women In Developed Countries To Women Living In More Traditional Societies

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Women have been trying to improve their status for many years. It started with the vote but that didn't really change their social position in society. They were still looked at as second class citizens. It wasn't until the 1960's that a second wave of feminism started to grow. Instead of focusing on voting rights, educational freedom, and political and legal rights, they turned their attention to social and economic issues such as sexuality, family life and employment. However, not all countries experienced this second wave just the ones that were wealthy and stable.North America set the stage with its leaps and bounds in technology and prosperity. Europe and Asia where more concerned about recovering from depression and from war. ...view middle of the document...

But at its height only 2% of women were part of the feminist movement; mostly from white middle class.What the feminist movement did in the sixties was to start the ball rolling. In 1962 two-thirds of women did not feel the victim of discrimination; by 1974 two-thirds said they did. The Equal rights amendment, the invention of the pill and Roe vs. Wade where humungous victories for the feminist movement. Countries in Western Europe such as France soon followed suit; mainly because of male chauvinism. In Western Europe the pill became a symbol of liberation, giving women a sense of control of their bodies. But outside of Western Europe and North America words such as the pill and feminism were just words. The soviet blocked states had more women in political seats and on the labor force than America and boasted that liberation was because of the communist revolution. But even though women were working they still held lower positions like their American counterparts and did the majority of the work in the home.The China feminist movement was mostly in urban areas but most of China was still rural so change has been slow. Also, in India change was slow, because of illiteracy and employment rates, but mainly because of ignorance to the law. The changes were on paper but not practiced, because of the traditional attitudes of women. Economic development was crucial to women's liberation. The countries that were progressing economically were the ones that provided women with more rights and freedoms. Women in these countries had paying jobs, were more educated and enjoyed sexual freedom. In the undeveloped world things moved much slower except in some of the cities in those countries.

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