This Essay Critiques The Use Of Force In "When We Are Kings", "Bowling For Columbine", And "Do The Right Thing"

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Force is something that we have all experienced. Force can be positive or negative. Violence and persuasion are two types of force that are present in the three movies. The three movies we watched in class all use force to get their message across. In Bowling for Columbine Michael Moore uses persuasion as a type of force; while Do the Right Thing and When we were Kings use violence as a force. Force can have a great impact on a person's opinion. These movies use force to tell their story and incorporate ideas on violence and persuasion and how they can be used as a tool to change peoples opinions. These movies had themes like racism, hypocrisy, and objection and used violence and ...view middle of the document...

Throughout BFC Michael Moore takes a journey around the United States, revealing facts about the media and exposing the United States government in its contribution to gun violence in this country. He reminds us that on the same day that the two teenage boys were holding their high school hostage, killing 13 and wounding others; the United States government had just bombed a Balkan country. It was one of the biggest bombings ever; destroying hospitals and elementary schools killing hundreds of innocent people. It was a media story that did not receive as much attention as the Columbine High School shootings. He believes that people don't kill people but guns kill people ( Loverro).
Moore uses force in a destructive manner to make America and its love for arms look bad. He wanted to show that Americans, especially people in Middle America place a very big importance on firearms. The first scene that shows force is "The Wonderful World" scene. In this sequence, it shows horrible images of dead people, with various facts and figures shown at the bottom of the screen. In the background, the song "What a Wonderful World" by Louis Armstrong is being played. There are many persuasive techniques used in this sequence; the visuals, the camera movement and editing, the sequencing, the audio and uses of facts and opinions. The visuals used in this scene are very persuasive because they are very striking and horrible images. We see images of suffering and death which are shocking and appeal to the emotions which generate sympathy. The images used are of suffering or death of real people which makes the viewer feel very disgusted and shocked at how the USA was linked to this, and would side with the viewpoint of Moore, that the USA is very insensitive (Scott).
The audio of the scene proves to be a very powerful persuasive technique. There is a deep irony in the music, as the music is positive sounding, whereas the pictures that are being displayed are very negative. This use of sarcasm is...

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