This Is A Book Report On The Theme Of Rooms In Edward Bellamy's Novel Looking Backward. The Original Question Asked Us To Delve Into Hidden Messages In The Book

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Julian West's Sleeping Room The bedroom of Julian West plays a key role in Looking Backward by Edward Bellamy. In this room, West is transported to the future as well as waking up in it at the end of the novel. The novel described this room as subterranean and soundproofed with walls and floors of hydraulic cement. Not being under the house directly, it had a roof of stone slabs as well as the outer door being constructed of iron and asbestos. The only source of air for this room was a pipe that was connected to a windmill on top of the above ground house. West had this room constructed because of his troubles with sleeping; in fact he had to hire a hypnotist to put him in a trance for him to sleep. The only problem being that the trance brought him to the future. Today, most people do not construct a separate room just for sleeping that is underground as West's was, however they do have problems with sleeping that are usually resolved ...view middle of the document...

Directly below this dome was a fountain with chairs and sofas all around. Lastly, there were legends on the walls to indicate what products could be found. The store demonstrates the efficiency of business in the year 2000 because of the availability of products. Any product could be ordered at any of the stores that were grouped ten miles apart. When the product was ordered, the order was sent to a central manufacturing center, which then sent the product to the consumer using a system of vacuum tubes. Within a few hours the consumer had his or her product. Today of course there is no such system, but this is a triumph of the American way. Competition is good; it creates jobs, brings down prices, and keeps democracy alive, however this is not true in Bellamy's vision of the future.Sidewalk The sidewalk is intended by Bellamy to indicate that the people in his future work for a common good. The sidewalk is described as a continuous waterproof covering that was well lighted and roofed in at the corners. In West's past, people often fought over umbrellas, rather then sharing them as alluded by Dr. Leete. However, in the future the sidewalk is paid for by the government and all are welcome to walk under it. Today there is no such system, mostly because all have umbrellas and there is really no need for a system like it.Dining Room The dining room is also a good representation of Bellamy's future, because of its novel concept. Going along with the idea that everyone works for the good of the nation, a common dining hall with private rooms for each member of the society exists. It is described as being an elegant room with a table for four as well as having windows that opened up to a courtyard with a fountain. The Leete's felt at home, because as Dr. Leete said, "this is an extension of our home." The food, service, and surroundings were much better then West had ever experienced and thus he enjoyed the experience. Another item West was surprised was that all men are required to commit to a term of servitude in the restaurant industry whereas in his time servers were the poor and illiterate people. There is no such system today, there are only hundreds of different types of restaurants all in competition with each other.

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