This Is A Creative Piece Where I Write As If I Am James Wolfe And It Is In Relation To The Battle Of Plains Of Abrahams

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Montcalm and Wolfe: Battle of Plains of AbrahamI always felt as though I knew my destiny at a young age, I had a clear vision for myself and fought to succeed at it. I am James Wolfe, a professional soldier. I was born at the vicarage in Westerham, Kent, on the second of January 1727. My father, Edward Wolfe, an army officer; and my mother, Henrietta, who raised us with loving arms. My destiny was to make a name for myself at Louisburg and Quebec. Both my grandfather and father were officers in the army, so being born into a military family; the military was in my heart.The 18th century offered many opportunities for me, I was a youth who was willing and eager to lead. So eager, that at a ...view middle of the document...

When once I know that people have entertained a vary ill opinion I imagine they never change, and though I flatter that I have a sense of Justice strong enough to keep me from doing wrong, even to an enemy, yet there lurks a hidden poison in the heart. It is my misfortune to catch fire on a sudden, to answer letters the moment I receive them. The next day perhaps would have carried more moderation with it; every ill turn through my whole life has had this haste, and the first impulse of resentment for its true cause, and it proceeds from pride.' Perhaps this confession of mine was rooted up amidst the difficulties I had encountered in my campaign.I am a content person, not only with myself, but also with my life and family. 'Nobody, perhaps has more reason to be satisfied with his station and success in the world than myself. Nobody can have better parents, and I have hitherto never wanted friends; but happiness or ease, which is all we can pretend to, lies in the mind or nowhere.'Perhaps my self-improvement was ceaseless, in my early twenties I engaged in a tutor in mathematics and another in Latin. I slaved away so hard, stuck in time of toil, that I could 'neither laugh nor sing, nor talk an hour upon nothing.' I continued on, took my journey to Paris, where I became master of French and spoke it with ease. Here I presume I was given a view of the world, which extended far beyond the confines of military camps. I looked at mankind in general, and at times French and English in particular, I had to note: 'There are men that only desire to shine, and that had rather say a smart thing than do a great one; there are others - rare birds- that had rather seem to be. Of the first kind this country is well stored magazine; of the second, our own has some few examples.'My regiment was strong and one of the best, they respected me, and for this reason I did not fear when a new war broke out between the English and the French. From 1756 to 1763, the Seven Years War, one that I felt was about to bring me to the pinnacle of my military career, and perhaps even make me English hero.On the 23rd of January 1758, I was commissioned as a Brigadier-General, and sent off with Amherst to attack Louisburg.I may not be able to write again, 'the campaigns of 1743, '4,'5,'6, and '7, stripped me of my bloom, and the winters in Scotland and at Dover have brought me almost to old age and infirmity, and this without any remarkable intemperance. A few years more or less, are of very little consequences to the common run of men, and therefore I need not lament that I am, perhaps, somewhat nearer my end than others of my time. I think and write upon these points without being at all moved.' The thought of death has no hold on me.June 1759: We sailed up to Saint Lawrence River with about 9000 troops and encamped above the city. Baffled by the inactivity of the French defenders, I launched a frontal attack on their entrenched positions of July 31st. The attack was...

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