This Is A Fictional Essay About Child Labour In India. Although Not Depicting A Specific Situation, Every Event Is Based On Facts. Title Of Essay: Chained Destiny

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Chained Destiny September 21st , Mangalore. India To this day, I still do not know what made me come back to India. I suppose there is a certain force that attracts me to the country; like a moth to a flame. I have not forgotten the suffering and hardship I went through during my youth: those years have been imprinted on me. My eyes once joyful and alert are now sad and unfocused, almost veiled by the presence of horrifying memories. My skin once smooth and healthy has now the appearance of old leather, creased by multitudes of wrinkles and bearing the marks of past events. It pains me unbearably when my daughter, my darling Andhara looks at me. She is still so young, ...view middle of the document...

Her cry of pain is embedded in my head forever, and her eyes full of fear, disbelief and hurt haunt my dreams. Psychologically and physically oppressed, my body started slowly withering away. With no proper nourishment, most of us were sick. We worked long hours: so long that I ceased to differenciate night from day. My body ached ,my breath was ragged and shallow. At night, I could not bring myself to sleep since I was haunted by nightmares. The night was the only time I was free to cry or to show any emotion, however tears never came. My life was reduced to nothing and I desperately wanted to leave, to be anywhere but there. It is frightening how memories still seem so real, even after so many years. Looking down at my scarred legs I can still feel the pain, that unbearable pain. The night I tried to run away is forever imprinted not only in my mind, but also on my body...I wanted to escape; I had not thought. I simply ran, ran with all the strength I possessed. But still it was not enough. I remember waking up lying face down on the side of the road moaning and screaming in pain. The master had scorched my legs and abandoned me nearly lifeless as a punishment for my disobedience. Black and grey shriveled skin was hanging from my legs, exposing torn muscles and bones. The last thing I saw before my world went black was the hordes of flies and cockroaches feasting on my body. Last year when I got married, I believed that I would be...

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