This Is A Term Paper On Air Pollution. It Has Some Causes And Effects, Etc. It Mainly Has To Do With How And Why The Pollution Is Occurring

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Air pollution is one of the most devastating forms of pollution. It occurs almost everywhere on Earth, especially in large cities. It harms people by causing breathing problems and sicknesses like cancer. Many plants, animals, and their habitats are damaged by air pollution. Many pollutants do not disappear from Earth's atmosphere, returning as acid rain and snow. CFCs, or chlorofluorocarbons, destroy the ozone, allowing in more of the sun's dangerous radiation. Moreover, our atmosphere is becoming an increasingly better insulator, as it prevents heat from escaping into space. This is leading to a rise in average global temperatures. Countless scientist believe that global warming will have ...view middle of the document...

Smog is a very common form of pollution. Most smog comes from automobiles and coal burning. Nitrous and volatile oxides reacting to the atmosphere cause smog. One particle found in smog is ozone. This is a dangerous thing because ozone in the lower atmosphere kills many forms of vegetation and irritates lung tissue, among other things. If there is a high level of ozone in the smog, it is very likely that there is a great amount of other pollutants as well. Once in smog, sulfur dioxide transforms into droplets of pure floating acid. This acid harms the lungs as well as eroding limestone, marble, and metal. Many historic artifacts are being destroyed by this, including the Tag Majal in India and the Parthenon in Greece. If the acid evaporates and comes back as acid rain, it can burn plants' leaves and kill fish in lakes. In our area and much of the eastern United States, many fish cannot survive because of this. Smog has caused death and diseases in many people. Smog can cause dizziness,...

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