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This Is An Essay About How One My Become Disappointed And The Effects The Emoctin My Have On Someone

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Disappointment A Powerful EmotionMost people have expectations of how something is going to turn out. When things do not turn out the way, we want them to turn out; the feeling of disappointment takes over.Disappointment is the feeling people get when something or someone fails to live up to our expectations.There are many ways and reasons why we become disappointed.People can feel disappointment in themselves or others .Sometime we are disappointed in a movie that we have seen or a concert we have attended. Disappointment is feeling you get when your team looses the baseball game. The feeling you get when you do not get that promotion at work in witch you have worked so hard that disappointment. Parents have high expectations for their children so when you get bad marks on your report card they feel Disappointment toward you.The essay ...view middle of the document...

Soon all the Young sinners went up to the alter to be saved. Langstonhowever just kept waiting to see the light, waiting for Jesus to come to him. Jesus never came to Langston that night in the church filled with a crowd of sinners who had just been saved.The longer he sat there waiting the more uncomfortable and frustrated he became. All of the members of the congregation were waiting for Langston to come tothe alter to become saved.Langston already feeling disappointment and distress in him self wanted to save his aunt from the same displeasure he was feeling. Soon the weight was too much for Langston to bare, he got up and went to the alter and was saved,knowing that Jesus had not come to him. Langston did not feel saved, he felt disappointment. Later that night Langston cried himself to sleep. When his auntheard him crying, she told his uncle that he was crying because he had received the Holy Ghost.The real reason Langston was crying was his disappointment in god and his disappointment of himself for deceiving everyone in church. Langston had convincedeveryone at church that god had come to him. Having deceived everyone, Langston felt disappointed with himself. Langston was so disappointed in his entire situation that he no longer even believed in god.The story told here gives you three examples of howone can become disappointed. The fact that Langston's aunt told him how being saved is supposed to feel, gave him expectations of what being saved should feel like. When the things that Langston's aunt had told him would happen did not come to pass he felt disappointment. Making the church and mostly his aunt believe he had been saved made Langston disappointed in his self. Langston finds great disappointment in the fact that Jesus did not come to him. The entire situation was very disappointing for Langston nothing turned out the way he had expected it to. In the end he lost his religion all of this because of disappointment, a very powerful emotion that can change our lives.

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