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Death Valley National Park is the largest National Park in the United States outside of Alaska. Upgraded to National Park status on October 31, 1994, by the Desert Protection act, within its boundaries are some 3.4 million acres of canyons, sand dunes, salt flats, waterfalls, hot springs, 11,000 foot mountains,strange and compelling rock formations, endless vistas, and stars at night that you can almost reach out and touch. The hottest recorded temperature in the Northern hemisphere occurred here near Badwater at 134 degrees F in 1913, ironically the same year the most rainfall occurred (4.54 inches). It is a strange yet breathtakingly beautiful place. It's landscapes are unlike any ...view middle of the document...

If it's not too hot, park and walk out on the flats a mile or so for an eerie, desolate view. Check out the Sea Level sign painted on the cliffs behind the parking area.ARTIST'S DRIVE A one-way loop road to Artist's Palette, where there are some incredibly colorful, rainbow-like rocks.ZABRISKIE POINT Practically, by Death Valley standards, right around the corner from the Furnace Creek area. Adjacent to the parking area there's a short but steep paved path leading to a circular, panoramic view of these uplifted, eroded, yellow and brown hills. A favorite spot of photographers at sunrise for that ultimate desert pic. Incredible landscape.DANTE'S VIEW Paved road leads to a spectacular view from 5,500 about feet above sea level, overlooking the Badwater area, miles of salt flats, and the wall of the Panamint Mountains across the valley. Great spot during summer months to cool off.SALT CREEK Water running through the middle of Death Valley? A continuous flow rises up through a series of springs that are home to the Salt Creek pupfish that lives nowhere else. Stroll along a boardwalk that leads you through the area.UBEHEBE CRATER 45 miles north of Stovepipe Wells, this very young volcanic crater was created by a steam/magmatic heat explosion maybe as recently as 300 - 3,000 years ago. 500 feet deep, about a half-mile wide, and (usually), extremely windy there. Hike/slide to the bottom and climb up, or take trail up to Little Hebe crater.SCOTTY'S CASTLE Built from 1925 until 1931, this $2 million Moorish "Castle" is one of the most unique homes in all of California, and certainly rests in the most unique place. Tours inside the Castle ($8), daily on the hour, entry is limited, arrive an hour early. Touring the grounds is free - check out the stables and garage area with antique autos, gravesite on the hill, unfinished pool. Picnic tables available. Only 8 miles to Ubehebe Crater.(DEATH VALLEY) SAND DUNES A 14 Square mile area of the most photographed and famous dunes of Death Valley. There is a gravel/dirt road leading to the eastern edge of the dunes, but its better to park off the main Highway, (HWY. 190), and walk from there out to the middle of the taller sandpiles. Photography is best early morning or late afternoon. Great fun to climb up the tallest dunes & play in the sand, and watch for weird looking hardened earth formations between dunes.MOSAIC CANYON Located behind Stovepipe Wells up an unpaved 2.5 mile road to a parking area. Beneath the Tucki Mountains, this is a narrow, steep, water-polished canyon with layers of rocks called breccia. Hike required, 3 miles RT to dry waterfall & back.AGUEREBERRY POINT From Hwy.190,take the Emigrant Canyon road about 12 miles up to the 6 mile unpaved road that leads to the spot where Pete Aguereberry viewed Death Valley. Much like Dante's view but from the west side, passing mining ruins along the route.FATHER CROWLEY POINT on twisting, winding,Hwy. 190, overlooking Rainbow Canyon, this is another...

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