This Is An Essay On The Changes In History And How Certain People Helped This Change

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Did you ever realize how the history of the world has gone from bad to greatly improving various times? Mohandas Gandhi, a helpful historical man, makes the great statement "When I despair, I remember that all through history the way of truth and of love has always won. There have been tyrants and murderers and, for a time, they can seem invincible, but, in the end, they always fall. Think of it, always." By him saying that shows that there are certain times when certain things are excepted and little by little each thing gets improved to what it really should be. Just as John Locke pointed out in the Declaration of the Rights of Men, men should have the human rights they deserve like life, ...view middle of the document...

The perfect government to Locke was the kind that had limited powers that all citizens could committee too. On the more negative side Thomas Hobbes believed that people were born cruel and rude. If they government wasn't as strict as they could possible be then they people would take over and steal, fight and oppress one another. People would begin to form social contacts, which gave up their human rights they initially deserve. The perfect government to Hobbes was the absolute monarchy, which was strict and kept order to the people. The Enlightenment slogan "free and equal" excluded women from human rights. Women could only work within the household taking care of their families. Women would begin to protest these unfair rights and demanded them be changed.During the Industrial Age machines began to develop and change the way farmers worked. "For thousands of years following the rise of civilization, most people lived and worked in small farming villages. However a chain of events set in motion in the mid-1700s changed the way of life for all times." In the early ages people would work by hand out in fields to plant and harvest their crops, but then machines started to develop and it changed the way farmers would work. They started to experiment on fertilizers and the seed drill became increasingly popular. A lot of peasants lost land and jobs over Industrialism because farmers started fencing off land formally owned by peasants and since the machines were being invented the farmers could save more money and time by doing it by themselves. New technology such as coal was used as a vital source of energy for iron. Water mills and windmills provided much help to farmers' agriculture. Because of this jobless farmers fled to towns and cities to work in factories. Women and children started to work in these factories as well. The factory owners found them a better investment because they worked longer hours for less pay. Now that women were working men and women shared the responsibilities of work and housework.Within Parliament they had to deal with Charles I who had inherited the throne from his father James I. Charles I remained in an absolute monarchy and insisted on imprisoning foes without reason or trial and constantly took the money of his nation. Parliament consistently urged him to sign the Petition of Right, which stopped him from raising taxes or putting people in prison without the consent of Parliament. He signed, but did not pay any attention to it. He made many enemies among regular people and Puritans. Charles I and his Archbishop William Laud tried to force strict Anglican rules over the people and to force clergies to...

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