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This Is My Personal Review Of The Book, There's No Such Thing As "Business" Ethics By John C. Maxwell

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There's No Such Thing As "Business" Ethics

        Staring at the book lying on the coffee table, I was faced with my own ethical dilemma: skim the book during commercial breaks (in this manner, I could write about and discuss those points that I remembered clearly, and claim that they were my "favorite" points) or pick up the remote lying next to the book, tap the power button and settle in for a comprehensive reading session (this would provide me with a plethora of information on which to base my paper and discussion). It was in that moment that I realized that I indeed needed to read the book. What I didn't realize; however, was what I would actually gain from reading John C. ...view middle of the document...

While not entirely the same situation, when I read the aforementioned concept in the book, I was reminded of my friend's reaction to a situation that he held a double standard for. Society as a whole has become so focused on our individual wants and needs that we often make hypocrites of ourselves in the process.

        I also found of interest the common characteristics that the author touts are desired by all humans, speaking in terms of treatment (38-39). Maxwell doesn't just say that we are all similar and desire appropriate treatment, but points out specific wants: value, appreciation, trust, respect, and understanding, as well as what is not desired - not to be taken advantage of. Not only are these key elements brought up; they are discussed in length and through example. I found the discussion on respect very enlightening, where the author discusses the young man who becomes senior pastor of a church and his solution to attaining respect from church members. Many people forget that in order to gain respect, we must give it. My mother wonders why my youngest siblings always mouth off and disobey her, but the reason is apparent to me: in her frustration with dealing with them, she often neglects to give them respect, and instead often treats them like they are objects she owns. She doesn't realize that if she just gave a little, she would gain an immense amount of respect, and the girls would listen to (as well as obey) her requests. The other topic that I enjoyed from this chapter was that on understanding. I have always sought to be understood by others - my moods are often unpredictable, and I have been told that I am too complex by previous boyfriends. My current roommate is very good at this concept, and hasn't given up on me - not yet at least! When I get upset, rather than walking away from the situation (even when told to "leave me alone"), he continues to try and figure out what is bothering me, as well as how to make the situation better. He understands me well enough that when I say, "Leave me alone," he knows that I'm being stubborn, and with a little patience and persistence, I will open up. Many people forget to try and understand others before reacting to situations, and I thoroughly enjoyed Maxwell's exploration of the subject.

        I believe the next topic that really caught my attention was the "Washington Post test" (64), where we are reminded by Mike Abrashoff, a former U.S. Navy captain, that we shouldn't do anything that we wouldn't be proud to read about in the paper the following day. I believe that many situations wouldn't occur if more people committed to this idea. By making people accountable for their actions, drunk driving, cheating, stealing, and lying could possibly be greatly reduced. When people's misdeeds are exposed, they are often embarrassed and regretful. I know I will examine my actions more closely from now on - God may be forgiving, but people often aren't!


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