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This Isn’t Verona!

Miserable love comes and goes – that counts for all. But in some cultures, love is more than just feelings between two humans. The invincible bonds that love creates are being tested by family traditions, honour and divisions in the short story “This Isn’t Verona!” written in 1980 by Joan Salvesen, because in some cases, love isn’t the only factor to keep in mind when choosing a partner. Arranged marriages, murder of honour and expelled family members are the fearful standards in cultures such as the one the Indian girl Nalini Das Guptas is brought up in. But is love in a relationship really that important? Are you also in ...view middle of the document...

She lives in Fortune Green with her Indian father, mother and grandmother, who have moved to England before Nalini’s birth. They live above a small and well-patronized store. The fact that the store is small could symbol the possibilities and perspective that the Indian family has, and that it’s well patronized could be a symbol of the protection and unwillingness to integrate that Nalini’s family is practicing. “Her parents had forbidden her to have ay social contact with people outside their own circle. Our friendship had become so important to her that, for the first time in her life, she was prepared to go behind their backs (…) She sat on my divan, her head hanging and her cheeks burning, as she told me”[7]. By this quote, you can tell that Nalini is ashamed of her family’s acting and reservation and that she finds it impossible to live up to their demands of any unnecessary social contact in a modern society. The protection from Nalini’s parents is a rather problematic subject for immigrants and refugees in general as it prevents their children to create connections with children of other ethnical origin.
When Nalini leaves school because of the marriage with a 30-year-old man arranged by her parents, a missing understanding of the situation occurs to the narrator, as the cultural gap between choosing love yourself and having someone choosing love for you is hard to realize when you’ve been brought up in England in modern days. “I think I was rather hurt by the Das Guptas’ attitude and, being hurt, was not inclined to search for the reasons behind it, until it was too late”[8].
In the song “Romeo & Juliet” by Dire Straits[9], released in 1980 like “This Isn’t Verona!”, the writer of the song chooses the object of his love himself, but his love is still unhappy because of another way of presenting the problem we call love; when it isn’t returned. Dire Straits handles love from a modern angle of incidence, while the original (which is a noun that can hardly be used in this connection, as Shakespeare loaned heavily from both Arthur Brooke and William Painter[10]) “Romeo & Juliet” by William Shakespeare from 1597 handles forbidden or at least unwelcome love from a more melodramatic angle. Romeo kills himself because of his impulsive and dedicated love to Juliet as he thinks she’s dead when she has actually only drunken a magic potion that makes her sleep, in order to break free of the narrowing bonds, stretched by their competing families.
Like Romeo and Juliet were willing to reject their families to be together,...

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