This Paper Discusses Brazil And Their Influence On Global Climate Change, And Why They Refused To Become Involved With Kyoto

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The Brazilian involvement in Kyoto and beyondIntroductionBrazil was my portion of the Kyoto debate. Before this assignment, I knew very little knowledge of the Kyoto agreement and I knew even less about Brazil's position on the Kyoto accord and its position on global climate change. Through the research that I have done and through the discussions with my colleagues, I found Brazil unique insomuch that they are a developing country however, they have implemented countless environmental or green friendly industries. The majority of which at the very least are encouraged by the government if not ran by government itself. Moreover, Brazil is unique because the Amazon rainforest provides for a ...view middle of the document...

Fortunately, for Brazil they have been a large benefactor from this policy specifically with CDM's or clean development Mechanisms.Almost a third of the CDM projects involve power generation with biomass, from such sources as sugar cane crop waste. Others involve recovering gas from refuse disposal sites, and obscure ideas as using pig waste. "Among the countries leading in the trading are Britain, with 26 projects, the Netherlands, with 18, and Japan with 8." In total, 102 projects have been sanctioned so far in Brazil. Furthermore, at the time of this article fifty-eight more were under review by government officials.Brazil's Green IndustryBrazil is currently leading the way in alternative energies on many innovative fronts such as integrating charcoal in the production of iron and steal. "Because the charcoal comes from a renewed crop, this reduced emissions of carbon dioxide in the industrial sector by 50 million tons between 1990 and 2000". In addition, Brazil has been incorporating ethanol as a fossil fuel alternative since the earlier 70's; therefore, they have essentially gained independence from the volatile world oil market and are not held captive by OPEC like the United States. Brazil's Ethanol refineries are able to refine sugar cane waste in to useable ethanol within hours this has opened the door to a new export business in refined ethanol. According to La Rovere and Branco Americano, the majority of Brazil's energy...

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