This Paper Is A Reaction Article Abot Love And Mate Selection In The 1990's

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The Article I read dealt with love and how little or large a part it plays in who we choose to spend the rest of our lives with. Over the last few years I've dated my share of men, and after reading this article I realize that I have my own list of qualities for rating men and it has changed over the years. You might be thinking, "Oh that's awful," but it is my belief that every one does this, or has done this to a certain extent.In this article, Love and Mate Selection in the 1990's by Elizabeth Rice Allegier and Michael W. Weisderman it explains how people over the last 60 years have used a rating system to select their life partners. It also shows how the importance of certain qualities has changed from 1939 to the present. Most importantly, it asked its subjects "How important is love as a basis for marriage today?"(Simpson 2)The survey subjects in this article were male and female college students ...view middle of the document...

" Two thirds of the men said "No," whereas only a quarter of the women said they would not." (Allegier and Wiesderman 3) When the same question was asked in 1990, 90% of the students said they wouldn't marry without love.I think the authors are trying to tell the readers that love should be an important quality since the importance of all the other qualities has constantly wavered. The authors want us to ask ourselves "Why do women who expect to earn more money place less emphasis on love as a requirement for marriage?"( Allegier and Weisderman 3)In my opinion the author wants to find out if in their new survey the results are consistent with the results of their 1990 survey. The authors also want " To explain the puzzling link between a woman's expected income and her requirements for marriage." (Allegier and Weisderman 3)I feel that the results may never be concrete. Man and women are constantly changing and evolving, and as they do so does what they want, look for, and expect from their partner. Secondly, I feel that the reason women who earn more money place less emphasis on love in a marriage is because they know that love could fizzle, or become destructive and having your own money allows you to not have to put up with things that being financially dependant on a man forces you to have to live with.I believe the article is related to the key term Marriage Market (textbook 134). This is an analogy of the commercial marketplace to explain how individuals choose the people they date, live with, and marry by "comparison shopping" and "bargaining for" the most desirable characteristics. I feel the key term is appropriate because when we see people, at school for example, we make mental notes as to who we find cute, sexy, funny, smart, financially stable, and emotionally stable. We then try to go after who among the bunch, no pun intended, has the most qualities we find desirable.I feel people continue "comparison shopping" until they fall in love, or find the person they are most happy with. That's why I felt that the Marriage Market term is best suited to this article.

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