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This Sucks Essay

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Green and Sustainable Changes
Matt Itter
BUS 304
December 10, 2012
Liz Rohleder

Green and Sustainable Changes

This paper will describe some of the green initiatives that Coca-Cola is implementing company wide. Also this researcher will identify the driving force behind those initiatives and explain how the company plans to implement the International Organization for Standards (ISO) 14000 protocols.
The Coca-Cola Company is the world's largest beverage company, refreshing consumers with nearly 500 sparkling and still brands. Globally, they are the number one provider of sparkling beverages, juices and juice drinks and ready-to-drink teas and coffee (The Coca-Cola Company). ...view middle of the document...

Coca-Cola is living their values through leadership, collaboration, integrity, accountability, passion, diversity, and quality. They are focusing on the market, working smart, acting like owners, and inspiring creativity, passion, optimism, and fun. In all of these accomplishments they are implementing the green initiative of changing their packaging to reduce, recover, and reuse to sustain the environment (The Coca-Cola Company).
Coca-Cola is focusing on saving the environment by reducing the amount of materials they use to make the packaging without sacrificing the quality of the product. Coca-Cola is using about 85% recyclable bottles and cans to redistribute their products. Their ultimate goal is to recover at least 50% of the bottles and cans used to package the products through recycling. These products are collected from recycling companies and reuse to repackage their products (The Coca-Cola Company).
The Coca-Cola Company is focusing on going green through their Coca-Cola foodservice. Their Refreshing Our Planet, green initiatives is focusing on providing tips to restaurants on how to go green without losing the green. Coca-Cola goal is to help the restaurant protect the environment and improve their cost through savings. One of the major ingredients used by most food and beverages is water. Coca-Cola has provided tips on saving water by pre-soaking utensils in water, rather than rinsing them under running water. Washing the utensils by hand uses less water than the dishwasher but it is cuts down on germs with the dishwasher. They encourage the restaurants to monitor and repairs leaks as soon as they occurred and to install low flowing pre-rinse spray values. Another tip includes reducing the water flow in bathroom fixtures, and urinals.
Coca-Cola Hellenic is focusing on their sustainability priorities of: packaging and recycling, consumer health, community involvement, water stewardship, supplier engagement, employee, development, packaging and recycling, consumer health, and energy climate. Coca-Cola Hellenic green initiative includes implementing a sustainable package management schemes. Their goal is to use the bottle-to-bottle pet recycling plants to close the recycling gap and to actively support educational opportunities and to make the environment cleaner by...

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