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This Way For The Gas Ladies And Gentlemen Term Paper

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This Way for the Gas, Ladies and Gentlemen: A human’s instinct for survival.

Throughout time, the rights of individuals have been ignored People should be entitled to freedom and equal rights. As stated in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, everybody is born free and equal. The declaration also states, that no human being should be subjected to cruel, inhuman or degrading punishments. In Tadeusz Boworski’s novel, “This Way for the Gas, Ladies and Gentleman” the audience is shown the deprivation of human rights. Tadek, the story’s narrator, who was not a Jew, but a polish poet suffering from depression. Due to his disorder, Tadek is considered to be a political prisoner. He then ...view middle of the document...

Three weeks prior to his arrival the Nazi’s stopped sending Aryan inmates to the gas chambers, granting Tadek with the luxury of living in the camps Canada; where members of the kommando labour gang reside. As part of the job of clearing out transport trucks, the labour gang are allowed to take any food, clothing or supplies that gas chamber bound Jews had left behind. When the first transport truck is arrives they are packed so tightly that people have no room to move and must fight for air. The kommando begin to unload the trucks as per instruction. As prisoners get off the train they desperate beg Tadek to let them know what is going to happen to him, however, the rules of the camp forbid him to tell them that they are headed to their certain death. Red-Cross vans arrive giving prisoners the illusion that they will be taken care of, oblivious to the fact that the vans in fact carried the poison went to kill them. After the truck is unloaded his group must clean out anything that remained such as trampled infants and other human remains. Tadek dehumanizes his task of carrying the dead infants by comparing it to a butcher carrying a handful of chickens. Tadek uses this to separate himself from the horrors of what he is actually doing. Once finished, Tadek is disgusted with himself and tells his friend Henri that he doesn’t want to anymore transports. Nevertheless, he knows that if he does not cooperate with the Nazi’s he will be sent to the gas chambers himself or shot. Against his will Tadek begins to unload the next truck. Shortly after Tadek’s view of the Jewish inmates being sent to the chambers he feels ashamed of his job, however, he is very apathetic towards the Jews and believes that they are to blame for his imprisonment. This is shown when he says,
“[…] I am furious, simply furious with these people—furious because I must be here because of them. I feel no pity. I am not sorry they're going to the gas chamber…”. (Borowski 116)
This line shows the narrators’ apathetic views of Jewish prisoners and well as his frustration towards them....

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