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Thomas Edison Essay

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Hello, my name is Thomas Edison. My friends call me Tom. I, like most people of this early America, did not grow up with money. I have amassed great wealth, but I worked for it. Rarely did I hold less than two or three jobs. However, this was not merely to gain prosperity, but was also because I was too interested in process and progress to simply sit still. I have no formal education. I know what I know because I wanted to know it.
I was born in Milan, Ohio in 1847. I was the youngest of 7 children. My siblings and peers often made fun of my unusually large forehead. No one suspected that my gargantuan noggin held any purpose other than to give people something to focus on ...view middle of the document...

I did, however, appreciate most of his teachings.
Although I only possessed 3 months of formal education and my hearing was poor, I did not allow this to stop me from self education. It was during this time that I found a great interest for any notion of electricity. Whatever theory I studied, I could not be satisfied until I tested it for myself. I started testing experiments in my basement and needed money for these experiments so I started my own business. My first business was selling fruits and vegetables. This lasted until I was 14, when I decided to start my own newspaper, the “Weekly Herald.” I sold my paper to riders on the train. My circulation grew to an admirable 300 subscribers. As my sales increased, I was able to increase the supplies I needed to perform my experiments in my lab. This perfect situation did not last long, as my mother became increasingly troubled by the odor rising from the basement, not to mention the poisons being stored there. I was forced to move my stuff into my locker on the train. After the fire, I was asked not to sell my paper on the train and only along the track.
One day I was selling my papers and noticed a boy playing on the tracks as an on-coming train approached. I was quick to move and saved the boy’s life. His father, the Station Master, rewarded me by giving me a job and teaching me Morse code. This gave me the ability to move away from Ohio to New York to find my fortune. I began to work on and finish my first invention. This machine helped an average person interpret code at his own speed. I also invented a vote recording machine. But no matter how hard I lobbied, politicians did not want this interruption. They understood that by having to hand count votes, this gave the added time needed to anyone behind in the polls for further campaigning. I also invented a Harmonic telegraph. This machine allowed electronic pulses to be sent simultaneously and in different frequencies over several telegraph wires to produce “horn-like” simulations of the human voice.
Although I was doing much moonlighting with my experiments and tests, I was not earning any wages. Luckily this changed. My most euphoric memory is of the day, when I was literally starving; I was walking through a bank building and happened upon a crowd of people. They were all gathered around a stock ticker machine that was not performing as it should. Everyone was in a great panic. Many people were gathered around the machine, looking at it, trying to make some sense of it. I pushed my way up front and asked for the opportunity to look at it. Although I did not know the inner workings of the machine previously, it did not take me long to understand it, find the detached spring, reattach it and cause it to...

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