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Thomas Green: Power, Office Politics, And A Career In Crisis

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Case Analysis - Thomas Green: Power, Office Politics, and a Career in Crisis

1. What are the different work styles, personalities, and expectations of Davis and Green?

There are a number of differences among work style, personalities, and expectations of Davis and Green. First of all, Davis preferred to use market data to support his planning and forecast, convincing others by statistics and diagrams. Perhaps, based on his experience, he has perceived that some of the clients may not be the final decision maker. Showing statistics is one of the easiest ways to make clients to convey the information to superiors. On the other hand, Green preferred to meet with clients face to face ...view middle of the document...

2. What is your analysis of Green’s actions and job performance to date? What mistakes has he made?

In my opinion, Green doesn’t realize that the new position require some skills and experience that he was currently insufficient. That is the reason why usually it may take a number of years to reach senior status. This ambitious young man made substantial effort for the sales, and he believed this is how he reached the success last time and then kept doing without a doubt. What is worse, he still considered Davis an enemy that picked apart his work style and attempted to weaken his competitive capacity.
However, he failed to realize that this new position may not only require a person who has an unique and insightful thought about market but also possesses adequate management experience. Even, McDonald, who sponsored his promotion, has recommended and expected him to seek out the guidance from seasoned managers, which may compensate his lack of management experience. Contrary to McDonald’s expectation, Green has never left more attention on the issue out of the sales. Accordingly, as described by Davis, Green was not doing great in the new position.

3. What are the possible underlying agendas for Davis and McDonald?

Since challenged Davis at the Budget Planning meeting, Green may assume that Davis attempted to have an underlying agenda against Green. The assumption was stemmed from the fact that Green occasionally was informed that Davis forwarded his comments on him to McDonald.
As an industry veteran and supervisor, Davis would have to diminish the hostility from Green, but, at the same time, would need to keep giving Green some advises and feedback toward Green’s work without creating more hostility. In addition, since announced his...

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