Thomas Green: Power, Office Politics, And A Career In Crisis – A Summary & Critique

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Thomas Green: Power, Office Politics, and a Career in Crisis – A Summary & Critique

“Thomas Green: Power, Office Politics, and a Career in Crisis” discusses the underlying aspects of ruthlessness in business and the various tactics people will use to climb the corporate ladder. Opening with a background on Thomas Green, who works for Dynamic Displays, a self-service provider to banks, the paper begins with Green making the assumption that a fellow peer was out to cause him to lose his job based on certain events that occurred on a typical work day.
The paper then goes into a lengthy description of Dynamic Displays, its foundation and the success it has achieved since inception. ...view middle of the document...

You’ll have to deal with any fallout that might result from that. You are getting an unusual opportunity with this promotion. Don’t let me down.” It would appear that McDonald was indeed in Green’s corner, but was offering a word of caution to Green about the new job he would be doing.

From the start, Davis began giving Green a difficult time. This often happens when positions are given to people who are not the boss’s chosen candidate. Davis would scold Green about not keeping him informed of his schedule, and his overall performance. By reading this part of the paper, it seemed as though Davis was deliberately making life harder at Dynamic Displays in an effort to get Green dismissed from the position.

The section, “Three Months Later: Trouble Continues,” goes on to describe the conundrum Green was faced with a manager who was not fond of him. While it is not necessary for a manager to like his/her employees, cordiality is expected and from the case it seems as though Davis was not cordial. Green simply avoided interactions with Davis, unless it was necessary. In an email sent to McDonald about Green’s performance, Davis, described his interpretation of Green’s attitude and lack of supposed...

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