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Thomas Hardy's Writing Essay

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Thomas Hardy's Writing "It is not Fate but the Way People Behave that Controls Events in
Thomas Hardy's Writing."

Thomas Hardy lived in the 19th century. He was born in 1840 and died
in 1928 at the age of 88. Thomas Hardy wrote many books, and made a
series of short stories in 3 volumes. He married his first wife Emma
in 1874. He then remarried to Florence Dugdale in 1914, after Emma
died in 1912.

Thomas Hardy bases a lot of his stories in a fictional area which he
calls Wessex. Wessex was actually the areas ...view middle of the document...

In "the Withered Arm"
the son being born into a family or just a single parent at that time,
would not stand much chance of survival past birth. He could also not
help the fact that he was born into a poor family. He could also not
help that he dies…or could he? We don't know whether he could have or
not. Other things such as, Rhoda Brook becoming pregnant and not
getting married to farmer lodge is nothing they could have helped. But
again she could have avoided it by not sleeping with him. And again
Gertrude is another victim. She may not have been able to see what was
going to happen, but there are times, where again, Rhoda brook could
have made a difference. In this story it can be tracked back to either
farmer lodge or Rhoda Brook.

What characters think about fate in this story isn't too clear. There
isn't anything that says what their attitude is.

In "Old Mrs. Chundle", the story could, possibly, have been the only
story where there are parts of the story that could be put down to
fate. In this many there are many coincidences that take place. Mrs.
Chundle lives in her cottage, not knowing that the curate outside,
will invite himself into her house, will set her death in stone.
However, without knowing the consequences of his actions he steps in
and asks for some lunch. He also doesn't realise how much his
relationship will affect Mrs. Chundle. I have noticed that many people
mention anything about fate in any of Hardy's stories.

In "far from the Madding Crowd" there are many instances where...

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