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Those Backwards Neo Classicalists Essay

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Those Backwards Neo-Classicalists

One of the principal themes of our class was that Neo-Classicalism is wrong, not only wrong but backward. It seemed that everywhere we turned we found one example after another that supported this conclusion. In a nutshell Neo-Classicalists believe that Capitalism is completely fair and that in a Capitalist system one can never be cheated. This erroneous theory extends even into the environment and pollution. The movie "Erin Brockovich" does a wonderful job of illustrating just how wrong the Neo-Classicalists are when it comes to this particular subject.

Just what is the Neo-classical belief about the environment and pollution? Interestingly enough ...view middle of the document...

The all-popular Brita water purifier and the increasingly popular oxygen bars are prime examples of this ideal. Although you may be able to make an argument for this principal when it comes to goods and services it seems ludicrous when you apply it to the environment. You want clean air? Pay for an oxygen bar! You want clean water? Buy yourself a water purifier! Clean air and water should be things that all humans have a right to without having to pay for them. What happens when you don’t realize that your water needs to be purified? What about baths and showers? How about when you even need to worry about being exposed to pool water? Purify the whole pool? Never go swimming? According to neo-classicalism that’s just what you would be expected to do. In considering the case of “Erin Brockovich" these are just some of the questions that can be posed. Ultimately these questions help to show just how wrong Neo-Classicalism is when it comes to issues of the environment and pollution.

It seems that most of the citizens of Hinkley, California are sick. Nobody seems to notice that this is odd until Erin Brockovich begins investigating the origins of their illness. One day while going through the files of a supposedly small real estate suit, she becomes curious as to why the medical records of the homeowners are on file. She goes to Hinkley to ask one of the homeowners about it. She learns that PG&E, the company that is trying to buy the house just offered to give the whole family a medical check up, all expenses paid. As Erin questions further she learns that PG&E approached the family and asked to buy their house from them. After a little investigating Erin discovers that there is chromium in the water as a direct result of PG&E. Unfortunately it is not chromium-4, which is actually good for you, rather it is chromium-6, which causes a number of diseases and medical problems which can ultimately lead to death. Worse than that it gets into the DNA and is passed on to one’s children. It doesn’t take long before Erin has found over three hundred people in Hinkley that have experienced medical...

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