Though Magazines And Newspapers Belong To The Same Category (Printed

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Though magazines and newspapers belong to the same category (printed
media), they can still fulfill totally different goals when it comes
to advertising. The most

Analysis of newspapers & magazines


The intention of this assignment is to state the advantages and
disadvantages of magazines and newspapers (printed media). As the
advantages and disadvantages of both differ, we decided to separate
the different media in order to get a clear overview of both types
regarding marketing communications. Printed media is a good medium for
using cross-media communication, but it is also a good way of getting
local recognition.


Newspapers permit an ...view middle of the document...

Audiences can be reached by placing an ad in
magazines which have a well-defined demographic, geographic and/or
lifestyle focus. A few examples of magazines are:

- FHM magazine
- Time magazine
- Vogue magazine

All the magazines stated above appeal to very different target
audiences, which makes it possible for advertisers to market
(specialised) products or services in magazines that share the same
mutual interest or -knowledge in their offerings.

Advantages of magazines

- Very specific audiences can be reached

- High target audience coverage and reach

- High geographic and demographic selectivity

- Magazines have high credibility and prestige

- High quality reproduction

- Magazines are usually read more than once

- Magazines are not quickly outdated and are kept for a longer time
(high OTS)

Disadvantages of magazines

- More expensive than newspapers (higher CPT)

- There is a long lead time, which cannot permit a quick response on

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