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The writings and various events on the life of Jose Rizal are filled of ideas concerning education. He recognized the
importance of education in the development of a nation and its people. Crisostomo Ibarra, the principal character of his
novel Noli Me Tangere possesses a desire to establish a suitable school. Ibarra mentioned in the novel what he
considered a modern school. According to him the building should be spacious and hygienic, the site should be large and
provided with playground and garden. Rizal himself dreamed of founding a school in accordance with the demands of
modern times and circumstances. According to Austin Craig, Rizal ambitioned to make education accessible to ...view middle of the document...

Rizal’s appreciation of education was influenced by his mother, Doña Teodora Alonzo. His mother was considered his
first teacher. At the age of three he learned the alphabet and also taught him to appreciate Spanish poetry.

He even recognized the importance of industrial education as well. Rizal included this concept in the five purposes of the
La Liga Filipina which he founded, the development of instruction, agriculture and commerce.
When Jose Rizal was deported in Dapitan on 1893, he devoted his time in teaching young children. Rizal applied the
learning he acquired in the different school that he visited during his travels. It was in Dapitan particularly Talisay where
Rizal used his talents and limited resources to serve his countrymen during the four years of his exile. He practiced his
profession as a doctor, farmer, teacher, community developer, engineer and scientist. Rizal opened a school for young
boys in the community. They were given subjects in reading, writing, arithmetic, geography, geometry, languages, history
and good conduct. Rizal even gave practical lessons on the use of their hands, for he believed that education should be
inculcated or integrated with the development of the community. He also taught...

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