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Three Gorges Dam Essay

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I do not think The Three Gorges Dam project should be completed for many reasons. One of the reasons is that China will have to relocate three hundred and eighty million people. This is because the proposed 185 meter high and two thousand meter wide dam across the Yangtze river (the 3rd largest river in the world) will cerate a four hundred-mile long man made lake. This puts 150,000 acres under water. Somewhere in these 150,000 acres there are 16 archeological sites that could further explain early man to the world. In addition, ...view middle of the document...

The Canadian International Development Agency says that the dam will do every thing better. They claim that it will protect millions of people from flooding. They also say it will generate 18,000MW of hydroelectricity for China's electricity shortage. In addition, they say it will make it easier for ships transport goods to up river villages. Environmentalists and scientists do not agree. "By forever changing, the hydrology of the river for thousands of miles, they argue the dam will destroy commercial fish stocks and deprive the complex floodplain agricultural systems of the water and silt they need, threatening the livelihoods of 75 million people who live by fishing or farming along the Yangtze's banks." The dam will also will kill endangered fish, the Chinese alligator, the river dolphin and many other beautiful creatures. The promised flood control of the dam will actually put more people at risk. Another reason I do not think the dam should be built is that right now tons of sewage is being dumped into the swift flowing river. If the river is blocked the sewage will have a chance to settle and build up on the bottom of the huge man made sea. In conclusion, I do not think The Three Gorges Dam should be built, and a hope many others agree with me.

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