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Three Sisters Essay

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“Three Sisters” By Anton Chekhov

Anton Chekhov’s “Three Sisters” portrays human beings in their most naked form, metaphorically speaking. In this play, each character has their own faults, no better or worse from the people they interact with. One of the key setups in this play is the constant need to always want what you don’t have. Despite this need, the characters almost never go after what they want and if they do by some chance get what they want, it still isn’t what they imagined. With this brilliant theme, the story naturally includes power struggles, secret relationships, miscommunication, pity, death, and humor all at the same time. In other words, “Three ...view middle of the document...

Already, we are given that there is something missing from these two sisters’ relationship because Olga acts as though she knows about her sisters opinions but ends up being wrong. The question to ask is, does Olga really think that it doesn’t bother her sister, or does Olga know this already and ignores it? I believe it is the latter. Throughout the play, characters rarely listen to others. They are so wrapped up in what they want to talk about that the concern for others wants and needs is lost. This sounds quite familiar to me.
Olga goes on to tell her sisters, “This morning I woke up and realized it was springtime: everything was so bright, I felt such a wave of happiness inside me, and I wanted so much to go back home” (259). This is completely paradoxical. It even is said offstage by another character, “You’re right, it’s all a lot of nonsense” (260). It is said in reference to a different situation but the sentence has a double entendre. If Olga was truly filled with happiness, she wouldn’t be longing to go back to Moscow, her home. It is, indeed, senseless. This one line sets up the constant feeling that each character is never complete, no matter how happy and content they are. Thus the complaining begins.
Olga then says, “Four years at that high school, and every day, I feel as if a little more life and strength was slipping away from me. There’s only one thing that keeps me going--” (260) Irina finishes her sentence with saying, “Moscow! Going back to Moscow! Selling this house and everything and going back to Moscow…” (260). This brings up two problems which are that if I was playing Olga, I would have finished that sentence with “There’s only one thing that keeps me going—telling others that their appearance isn’t up to par with my own.” It seems that throughout the play, Olga is so quick to tell people how they look. For example, she says to Irina “You do look really lovely today—you seem really beautiful. And Masha is beautiful too. Andrey would be better looking, but he’s gotten awfully heavy; it doesn’t look good on him. And I’ve gotten old. I’ve lost far too much weight; I’m sure its all because of the girls at the high school—they keep making me so angry” (260) Although, Olga gives Irina a compliment, she also offends her. Irina isn’t beautiful, she seems beautiful. She also adds in how much weight she has lost as if it’s a bad thing, after just saying how she disapproves of weight gaining for her brother. She reminds me very much of Arkadina in “The Seagull” by Chekhov, always looking to put others down to bring herself up because of her own insecurities. Everyone knows a few people who fit into that category. The second problem is that when Olga agrees with Irina that she was going to say that Moscow keeps her going, it comes across as a lie. Throughout the whole play, Irina and Olga speak of moving to Moscow but they never do it. When Colonel Vershinin...

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