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'three Strike' Policy In France Essay

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Question 1:
France’s current policy of ‘Three Strikes’ of copyright infringement and you lose your internet access for up to a year [ (Anderson, 2009) ] is not a solution to the current problem of media piracy. With such countries as the U.S., European Union and South Korea allegedly [ (Ondrejka) ] participating in talks on whether they should introduce this policy in their countries, they are inevitably backing themselves into a corner that they know they cannot control. As with almost any plan, there are several issues that need to be addressed. These include the software that is being used to detect the infringing behaviour, the ways that people can still ...view middle of the document...

If they do cut off your personal devices capability to connect to the internet, then you have the option to purchase a pre-paid wireless modem stick that can be purchased from retailers for under $80 AUD. [ (Officeworks, 2010) ]. If that fails, then you always have internet café’s that you can go to and browse the internet and continue downloading. As with every new legislation that has been introduced, someone will always find a new way to get around it. These alternatives are limited only by someone’s imagination.
The Third issue that will be faced is the issue of work. If an individual has been accused of partaking in copyright infringement, and their internet access is cut off, what happens with them in relation to their work? There may be allowances for people that go to an actual workplace for their job, and there may be allowances to what they can and can’t do. But what about the people that work from home? If their internet is taken away, and especially for up to a year, their business will more than likely fail and inevitably go out of business. This would then impact on the government that has decided to impose this law. How? Because someone has lost work, they may have to pay for financial help in the form of dole payments until they can find...

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