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The three strikes law came into effect in the early 1990s in California. This law has been found for the last 20 years, and because this law has been found in the majority of the states, more criminals are being kept in the prison system longer, hopefully teaching him or her a lesson. The crimes that are associated with the three strikes law are not normal speeding tickets or tickets everyone has or will get, but more of the major crimes, such as drugs and sexual offenses. The following article will discuss how each of the three branches has a part with the three strikes law. Each of the three branches is important in making sure that the whole law is put together the ...view middle of the document...

Beings this law has taken fairly well within the state of California, other states have given the state government permission to come up with another form of this law, double protecting the state and the citizens (n.a., 2001-2014). To many, this is the backbone to all three branches, but in all honesty, all three work together and keep the three strikes law in effect and clear on the law.

The legislative branch is the key holder to the “blueprints” of how and what this law was designed to do. For example, before, if there was a drug kingpin in prison, and he was released, he was out on the streets committing the same crime. He may have been arrested for a different crime, leading to the same result, getting out of the prison system. Now, with the three strikes law, if there is an individual who has been incarcerated for drugs, and he or she gets out of prison, and then gets arrested for a sexual crime, that is his or her second strike, even though the first offense was drug related.

Having this provision in play means that an individual cannot go out on a crime spree and get charged with several felonies. Instead, if the criminal gets several felonies, he can end up in prison, especially if the charges are similar in the definition y the courts. On the flip side of the three strikes law, an individual can get one strike, spend a set number of years in prison, and then not commit another crime again. This would be because he or she has learned that prison is not the place to spend the rest of his or her life. With each branch putting in what could be important aspects of the three strikes law, each branch has a say in what kind of crimes would or would not partake in the three strikes law.


The executive branch is in charge of making sure that this law is not only put into effect, but also enforcing not only this law, but all laws. For example, if there is an individual who has been charges on two separate occasions with rape, and he is the prime suspect in another rape case, then the executive branch would “step in” and look at all the facts surrounding the case. Once the facts have been found, then the proper steps can be taken to ensure that this person does not get out of prison ever again. What this means is when the legislative branch “wrote” this law, the first strike is a set number of years. The second offense is a set amount of years to life, but has to serve a set minimum amount first. The third strike would be life in prison without the potential for parole. If there is an issue with the judicial court, there are other courts that are in order before the Supreme Court, but most of the time, the cases do end up on the docket of the United States Supreme Court (Bensguide, 2011).


With the enactment and creation of the three strikes law, the more severe criminals are being kept incarcerated. If there is an incident that involves a criminal and the charges) he or she is...

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