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Three Versions Of The Great Flood

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Just about everyone has heard a story about the Great Flood. Where you live and your religious beliefs impacts which myth you’ve heard. They all have the same basis; mankind is going to be destroyed because of their sins, a man is told to build an Ark, which he does, sacrifices to birds searching for dry land and ends up saving mankind and gaining immortality. Although the basis of every story is the same, they have their differences. I will be comparing three versions of the Great Flood, the Sumerian flood myth, the Babylonian flood myth and the version told in the Bible.

There has only been one tablet found with any inscription of the
Sumerian flood myth and that tablet was partially ...view middle of the document...

Ziusudra offers sacrifices himself to Utu. Ziusudra is made into a god. The end of the tablet, which they believe is the final thirty-nine lines was destroyed.

The Babylonian flood myth has three different versions. The oldest version is the Epic of Atrahasis, which is on three tablets. It starts off with the Lesser Gods working hard after the world was created. They declare war on the Great Gods because they are tired from all the hard work. The Great Gods decide to create mankind to make an easier life them. After mankind is created, the size of mankind increases, which brings along more noise and it begins to dusturb the gods. Enlil, the supreme god, creates a plan to completely wipe out mankind with a Great Flood. In a dream, Atrahasis is told of this plan by Enki, creator of mankind, and instructed to build a ship. It becomes cut off, but there is short excerpts on the building of the ark as well as when the ark left. At the end of the storm, the gods come to a compromise in which mankind will keep the noise down. They develop childbirth, infant mortality and celibacy.

The Bible’s version of the flood has just two main characters, God and Noah. God began to see the earth as corrupt and filled with violence. God told Noah that he had decided to destroy mankind along with the earth. He instructed Noah to build an ark out of gopher wood. He was very specific in telling him to build it three hundred cubits long by fifty cubits wide by thirty cubits high. Eventually God open up the gates and the flood began. The level of water went higher than the mountains. Every breathing creature that walked amongst the earth had died. The waters lasted for a hundred and fifty days. God, remembering Noah and everyone in his ark, made a wind blow over the earth and the waters began to dissipate. Eventually the ark stopped on the...

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