Three Ways In Which Change Can Impacts Your Leadership At Work

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Three ways in which change can impacts your leadership at work.
I am the manager now but I had to start from the bottom at Robin’s Junk Emporium a small used merchandises shop that employs six person’s full time and one part time. I have learned over the years that changes can affect my leadership at work. According the Center Of Creative Leadership, (Pulley & Wakefield, 2013)” organization typically encounters all kinds of change that can affect your leadership skills”. Change is sometimes hard to implement at cultured environment that is not use to a lot of change in my experiences and leadership is required. Changes can occur to the environment in which an organization works this can ...view middle of the document...

Actions help since they do speak louder than words. The movie clip quote by Brent Harris says,” You can’t teach culture. You have to live it. You have to experiences it. You have to share it. And, most importantly you have to show it.”(as sited in Anderson & Feltenstein, n.d.). I feel that when dealing with the culture an organization leadership should promote change with action instead of demanding a change for the followers and not leadership. After one year, Robin’s Junk had doubled its sales. When it came, down to the brake time, policy there also was some resistances but the leadership was not backing down. With the use of reinforcement, the bake police was fully implanted over time. The changes went rather smooth thanks to leadership skills.
Two ways which change can impact your leadership at home or in your personal life.
A change at home does impact leadership. About two years ago, I got and my husband had a take over my leadership as mom. Inspiration came in to play by a follower ( my daughter). She insured her dad that he was doing the best he could. This allowed him to feel more comfortable in his new temporary role. Having a teenage can...

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