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Three Ways To Handle The Problem From Junk Food

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Three Ways to Handle the Problem from Junk Food

According to, “Today, more than 160,000 fast- food restaurants feed more than 50 million Americans each and every day, generating sales of more than $110 billion dollars annually.” Actually, it seems that not many customers realize that. Furthermore, humans may not even know how much damage can be done to the body by fast food. Just one month ago, Britain’s fattest men, Carl Thompson, whose weighs has 400 kilos, requested help for his oversized body, but he died just four days ago for his cardiopathy. Fast food can be harmful, and people need to realize that, eat homemade food, and keep exercising to maintain a healthy body.
There can be unhealthy material inside the junk food. Soda, fried chicken, bacon cheeseburger and are all junk food which contain so many harmful material, such ...view middle of the document...

org, with the popularity of fast food in America, “By 1975, the obesity rate in America had climbed to 15%,” and now “2 out of 3 Americans are overweight (67%).” Junk food has been a problem for the Americans’ health.
On the contrary, homemade food has significant benefits for body growth and mental health. Keith Floyd, who produces many cooking shows for BBC and Channel 5, has said that cooking is an art and patience a virtue. However, in the modern time, statistic show that stress is part of the main reasons consumers love to eat Fast Food, because it is fast. But cooking is actually a productive way to solve stress problem. While cooking, the human brain is distracted by the ways one uses and tastes the real flavors of life. Homemade food have the benefit of fresh, health and self-design. Without the process of pre-making, homemade food is as fresh as from the farm, and is healthier for prevent and prevent unknown harmful materials to being ingested. Making food by oneself is fully fit for a persons’ taste and life style. Some have found that nuts can help to prevent Alzheimer’s, then they would eat more nuts. All of these advantages make homemade food undefeatable and great effect to the liver and the body as well.
Finally, working out is the ultimate way to prevent disease. People are obese because the calories which are burned is much lower than calories obtain. Then the sugar and fat is collected inside the body. However, if one keeps exercise, then that will help the body digest the food fully and healthily, burn calories and harmonize the system of the body to absorb the nutrients. It also develops the excretory function, such as sweat and excrement, to help the body get rid of unhealthy substances from junk food. Exercise is the best way to maintain a healthy life.
Fat has already destroyed many lives and families around world. And Junk Food is the main reason for contributing that. So while human realize that junk food is more dangerous than what is looks like, and keep eating homemade food, and work out instead.

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