"Through The Eyes Of Good" Globalization Essay

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You wake up around 4 o'clock in the morning; you look out the window and see the other kids walking down the street. Your parents are waiting for you outside for another day in the rice factory. Your body still aches from the hard work yesterday and you have not even taken a shower because the water in town was all gone. You missed school for several months now since working at the rice mill is the only way to have food on the table. Missing everything about being a regular kid, you stop walking and tears pour down your face. The next day, you overhear the radio talking about exports doubling on Vietnamese rice, which meant costs on rice to increase. Confused, you continue walking towards ...view middle of the document...

"(Davis, Matthew. "Globalization Reduces Child Labor in Vietnam") Many countries are continuing to grow economically and people's lives are changing for the better because of the effects of Globalization.The developing countries of today were once poor but now are wealthy enough to help themselves because of many imports and exports abroad. As the price of the traded products increase, the country continues to grow more economically. "Large corporations that have relations over seas generate employment, tax revenue, and wealth for the nations in which they operate."(Walczak Handout, Green) For example, Nike factories from the U.S. have companies in Vietnam to sell their products there. These factories need employees to create the shoes Nike sells and so the people of Vietnam are given jobs in the factories. When Nike or any other company that has relations over seas export their products, they are given money from the taxes they charge countries and from the products they sell from exporting. The extra money is given to the government of the country and raises the economy. () "Productivity grows more quickly when countries produce goods and services in which they have an advantage in price. When this happens, living standards go up faster for the country's people. The global competition and cheap imports of certain products keeps prices steady. Keeping inflation low, which makes it likely to throw off economic growth. Open economy motivates new, fresh ideas from abroad."(DATA: Business Week. "The Pros and Cons of Globalization") Such as the intention of the computer. When viruses or any other problems happen to the computer, computer analysts are motivated to create a new and improved computer so it will be less likely for problems to happen. Any problems with intentions made motivate scientists to create better inventions that are better than the last invention. As trade agreements become more and more successful, it not only benefits the country itself but also the people living in it.The lives of the people of these developing countries are changing into a more modern lifestyle....

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