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Through The Eyes Of Innocence Essay

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English 1A
10 October 2012
Through the Eyes of Innocence
The film “The Boy in the Striped Pajamas”, directed by Mark Herman, takes place in Germany during World War II. There have been many films about the Nazi invasion in the past; however this film is seen through the eyes of an eight year old boy. Being that it is from a child’s perspective it tends to tug at your heart in a different way than it would, had it been from an adult. The director captures the horrible treatment the Jews endured at the hands of the German soldiers.
The film opens up with Bruno and his friends running carelessly through the streets of Berlin. They do not notice the Nazi soldiers that are ...view middle of the document...

They had no idea of the horrors that were occurring inside the camps. The boy whose name was Schmuel only knew that he was a prisoner because he was a Jew. Bruno continues to visit the boy and develops somewhat of a friendship with Schmuel. He takes him food and plays games with him while being separated by the barbed wire.
Back at the house Bruno’s asks his mother about the horrible stench that is coming out of the chimneys. A soldier who works with his father who was in the home then answered, “They smell even worse when they burn.” At that moment the mother figures out what is actually happening at the ‘farm’. The director captures the disgust in the mothers face and it clearly shows that she was totally against what was taking place. Bruno’s parents got into an argument about what was clearly taking place in their backyard and decided them moving with an aunt in another city. The following day when they were ready to leave, Bruno went to see Schmuel because in an earlier visit he mentioned he couldn’t find his father so Bruno promised he would help Shmuel look for his missing father. Not know the severity of the consequences of entering the camp to look for Schmuel’s father, Bruno changed into the striped pajamas and cap that his friend had brought for him, proceeded to dig a trench, and went under the barbed wire....

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