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Thunder Storm And A Beggar Essay

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I had two worst days ever in my life. One is I’ve seen a very huge thunder storm one is that I saw a beggar. I wasn’t mad I just for sad for him. As I sat in my one hot summer day playing with my Lego, and I can felt the weather outside was very hot and disagreeable. The sun shone was so bright that it reflex like lighting. The sun shone brightly and the birds outside my window kept perching inside the trees, I think weather outside was very gorgeous, but I was wrong. Suddenly, a dark cloud hid the sun. The wind began to blow. I felt very uncomfortable but it changes very fast. Now the sky was full of black clouds and flash of lighting lit up the courtyard, old houses, and trees. People stream like chickens because the storm was so ...view middle of the document...

A brilliant stripe of light filled the whole black sky. Then there was a terrible thunderclap over head, and then the sky was full of roars of thunder. I couldn’t even imagine what is like to been shocked by a thunder storm, but I know it felt bad, really bad. The thunder is still continuing like it won't stop forever, so I went to the living room say my mom watching TV there. I was broad of playing so I asked:
“Mom, can I watch the TV with you?”
“Go and play yourself.” My mom said with madness in her voice.
I shake my head and went back to my room but I don't want to play anymore. So I lied down and listen to the noise of the thunder. And dreaming that everything will back to normal again. I can feel that the rain had stopped and the sky was blue again. The trees and flowers seemed almost as happy as before. The thunder storm was so irritating that I never forgot again. I never saw a beggar before. When I saw him, I feel bad for him because he had no money for his kids. Early in the morning in one very cold winter in Vancouver there was an old man in rags standing by the street with pale face, drooping head, and rumpled white hair. He looks much tried. He was a beggar, he’s a homeless. Now the earth was covered with snow. People preferred to stay at home to escape the extreme cold outside. But he could not find a safe place or a warm place to stay against cold winter. He raised his mournful eyes towards the opposite upstairs, where some men and women were taking their breakfast. You can see that his is stomach was empty. He felt hungry.
“Hi there, can you give me some food, I’m really hungry. “The old man said to me.
I give him all the money I got and run away. When I look back his shadow had been swallowed weighty snow.

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