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John Milton's "How soon hath time" and William Wordsworth "Mutability" are two sonnet structured poems that both deal with the popular subject of time. The central theme of both poems is that, time is an inescapable force affecting everything in our world. The authors however have a different perspective on how they approach this theme, and through an analysis of the two sonnets tone and structure, it will become clear what each were aiming for. After that, a comparison of the two sonnets will be a simple task where their similarities and differences are discussed. The tone Milton takes in his sonnet reflects his feelings on the subject. Personifying time and addressing ...view middle of the document...

The metre of the sonnet is generally iambic, however there are trochees placed in almost every single line of the sonnet. These trochee breaks give the poem a lighter feel, which reflects Milton's attitude of passive acceptance to the workings of time. Wordsworth takes a very melancholic attitude in his sonnet. He starts with "From low to high doth dissolution climb And sink from high to low". He chooses to use the word "dissolution" which is a very vivid and colourful term for death. It is eerie and links very nicely with the simile "melt like frosty rime" that appears in line eight. The line "Along a scale"¦whose concord shall not fail", creates feelings of helplessness in the struggle against time. The second half of the sestet deals with time's unbiased nature, even those "who meddle not with crime, Nor avarice" are not spared from time's wrath. In the poem's octave Wordsworth takes to using symbols, such as snow, as in the line "melt like frosty rime" and a tower to cement the idea that time affects all things. Personifying the tower to a king, "tower sublime"¦(with) His crown of weeds" suggests that no matter how important (the king) or how strong (the tower) one cannot "sustain"¦ the unimaginable touch of time".In the sonnet "Mutability", the most striking thing about it after a first reading is its irregular structure. In analysis of its punctuation, the first major break comes at the end of the sixth line and the only other major break is the period at the end of the sonnet. This suggests that the sestet is before the octave of the poem. This is contradictory to traditional form. The sonnet's rhyme scheme, after the first four lines (they are in the regular "abba" form), becomes quite erratic. The metre of the sonnet is iambic pentameter with very few exceptions, which is extremely effective, especially in the sestet where the beating time of the iambic metre reflects Wordsworth's...

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