Time Not On The Side Of The Jobless

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In an article that appeared in The Wall Street Journal titled “Time Not on Side of the Jobless,” Ben Casselman explains how there have been some improvements in the job market, but it isn’t an advantage for everyone. According to Casselman, “employers have stepped up hiring, layoffs have slowed, and the unemployment rate has begun to fall more quickly” (Casselman 1). Opportunities for the unemployed, however, have been sparse. People who are unemployed have seen a slower job recovery, as 3.5% of the unemployed have been without jobs for more than six months. Casselman explains how economists divide unemployment into two categories. Cyclical unemployment basically comes from the economy’s ...view middle of the document...

8% while white male adults have an unemployment rate of 6.8%.
Based on this information, the unemployment rate for black people is relatively higher than that of white people. When Casselman explained that 3.5% of the population has been unemployed for more than six months, I tried to look at the issue from a black perspective. Why would black people be unemployed for such a long time? In his text, Maulana Karenga offers many different reasons for black unemployment. Among these reasons are low educational levels and lack of job skills, recurring recession, unwillingness to take menial jobs, displacement, etc… (Karenga 337).
Among the reasons for black unemployment, the main reason why black people are unemployed and often remain unemployed is because of their low educational levels and lack of job skills. The high unemployment rate among teens may be due to their low educational levels. A lot of teens are dropping out of high school and college, and they don’t have the degree that will get them a job with great pay. In his text, Karenga explains how the private sector will expand more rapidly than the public sector, which will “cost black jobs given their large share of public jobs” (Karenga 338). Because of this, black people are going to need a higher degree of skill as well as education. This is what Casselman calls structural unemployment, where the skills of the worker don’t meet the needs of the...

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