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Since 2005, China's home appliance industry has undergone several influential industry mergers and acquisitions, including acquisition of Kelon, Hisense, Changhong and Meiling mergers and acquisitions, the U.**** & A Little Swan. Today, these acquisitions have been settled, the integration of follow-up work has been completed, the combined operating results of companies also performed well. However, whether the success that these acquisitions has been the case? Post-merger integration of both the physical integration of the company's operations also include intangible brand integration, and the effect of brand integration is often difficult to determine in the short term, brand integration ( ...view middle of the document...

However, due to mergers and acquisitions in a weak side in specific areas, need to rely on the acquired enterprises, the integration of both difficult and, therefore, chose the coexistence of brand integration strategy. Can see that after the merger, acquisition of both companies have not changed the title; and corporate Web site content is also essential to maintain the original, it is difficult to see M & A between the parties. Hisense are taking a closer integration strategy, the implementation of co-branding strategy. Development Goals from the point of view, Hisense also hopes to become a diversified enterprise group home appliances. With Changhong and beauty of the difference is, Hisense has been the pre-merger relative to perfect cooling, M & Kelon one can enhance their own strength, on the other hand, you can save in a critical situation of Kelon, which Kelon to Hisense dependence on larger, less difficult Hisense integration. In this case, Hisense and Kelon's brand and higher degree of integration has taken a co-branded strategy. After the merger, Kelon to Hisense Kelon, the two sides of the refrigeration business practice integration. Kelon in the original site, the company's logo has been adopted Hisense logo, and the company name was Hisense Kelon. Hisense Hisense brand management department will also genes into Kelon Electrical sign the form and content make it the parent brand and Hisense greater correlation. Before the merger integration of product brand has its own products and brands, some businesses still overlap, and this objective multi-product formed after the merger, multi-brand situation. Hisense Kelon before the merger, has color TV, air conditioning, refrigerator business, are using the Hisense brand; and the production of the acquired Fang Kelong Kelong and Warburg air conditioning, may sound refrigerator, Kang Baien refrigerator. The United States before the merger with air conditioning, small appliances and other products, the use of the United States before the merger Hualing brand and air conditioning brands; washing machine business of beauty, Rongshida two brands; Little Swan Little Swan before the main washing machine production. The main production before the merger Changhong brand of Changhong color TV and air conditioning, the main production Meiling Meiling brand refrigerator. M & A side for their own development strategies and M & A consideration of the brand influence, generally do not give up the existing brand....

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