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Timeliness And Ethical Aspects Of Va Claims

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Timeliness and Ethical Aspects of VA Claims

This is a necessary and important resource offered to the veterans, (VA hospital care, monetary compensation monthly, and educational benefits) who serve our country, but at the same time, a service that gets widely abused and millions of dollars of fraud, waste and abuse is happening. The establishment of the Veterans Administration came in 1930 when Congress authorized the President to consolidate and coordinate Government activities affecting war veterans. This has made a huge impact on the way a veteran can receive much needed treatment, especially after a war time experience if the veteran has been disabled or severely ...view middle of the document...

The kind of fraud I am talking about is a service member who performs active duty for 20 or 30 years; sometimes building a medical chart purposely and sometimes not. Now this service member will wait until one or two months before retirement and then go to the Department of Veterans Affairs and file for a rating of disability. The process of filing for a rating, attending the appropriate doctor’s appointments and having a representative review your file now takes 60-180 days from start to finish (the america’s Intel wire, 2008). After the rating has been determined, the veteran receives a monthly check for the rest of his life, and possibly free medical care.
Flaws in Procedural Design
This article points out fantastic strides the VA has made in order to take care of our veterans returning from war, but the main flaw is the moral conduct of some veterans scamming the system and the workers within the VA system turning a blind eye. The military veterans who return home from war and lose a limb, eyesight or are severely burned are due this benefit, not folks who claim they are 50-90% disabled, but are still working a regular job day to day.
Analysis of the Data
To me the data is clear, especially since I work around all the figures I have mentioned on a daily basis; I see people who scam the system, and...

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