Times Spent Working In The Workplace And Their Work Performance

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The purpose of this study is to analyse the argumentative issue between the times spent working in the workplace and their work performance. This study is not specifically mentioned which relevant industry it’s referred to. The initial perception of being in this study is there is a positive correlation between the times spent working in the workplace and the work performance. This study also analyse about the working productivity between the two countries which possess a very distinct working culture - Japan and Malaysia. There are some factors that influence the employee behaviour in the workplace, and this includes the influence from social media and the work-life balance of ...view middle of the document...

This is all depends on the people working in the company themselves. The types of industry also perceive productivity differently. For instance, the productivity is being highly perceived in the manufacturing industry as their profitability highly depends on it. Thus, this study is essential as to know whether the extra working hours is really going to increase the work performance in every working industry.

Literature Supporting Issue

1. Work-Life Balance Influence

Work-life balance is being defined as the ability to balance the time spent between personal life and their career. This is essential to the employee who wants to maintain their healthy working productivity. Work-life balance is also about the emotion - how employees keep their emotion by separating their personal life with their work.

According to the research, employee must keep their emotions intact by taking a necessary leave to go for a holiday with the family, or might fact the possibility of being burned out by their job (Bell, Rajendran and Theiler, 2012). Some of them who are willing to put more time in the office is said to be having a higher productivity despite the unbalanced work-life, as new problem arises at the end of the day such as emotional disturbances due to the lack of time given to their families.

However, research by Burnett et. al (2010) implies that from across the recent period of time, employee demonstrates that an individual’s sense of their personal wellbeing. Lack of personal wellbeing is actually influenced by the landscape of a stressed work and that there is a causal correlation between poor work-life balances, heightened stress and deterioration in the family relationships. As such, it is actually inevitable that no matter how much time the employee spent in the workplace, there is a risk of the employee felt demotivated towards their work.

2. Working Culture – Employee Productivity In Japan

Japan has been the economic powerhouse of the heavy manufacturing industry such as automobile and electronic appliances. They have established their reputation and brand globally. The automobile brand such as Toyota, Honda and Mitsubishi has been in the forefront of the global economic business for the past two decades due to the Kaizen philosophy, which is the continuous improvement or improvisation towards the progression nation.

The prior research by Brunet (2004) also noted that Kaizen is a split between a systematized and self-managed elements. The quality, safety and Productivity Management are mandatory and have to be performed during paid working hours, and all activities contribute towards annual target are left to the employees to manage themselves. Thus, from this scenario it is evidently seen that the time spent in their workplace is a really pure effort from them to achieve their job performance.

Japan is also considered one of the countries who values productivity. This is evident in the research by Naoki (2007),...

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