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Tips For Public Speeches

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Do’s and Don’ts of Making PowerPoint Presentations
• Organize your thoughts on paper before working with PowerPoint.
• Use the Outline View for preparing the text part of your presentation
• Divide topics in one or more slides and keep text to a minimum on each slide. Be brief (no more than 6 bullets/points per slide).
• Spell check your content
• Use appropriate fonts. Use same set of fonts for all the slides of a presentation, for example: Arial Black (for headings) and Arial (for text). The size of the font should be chosen keeping in mind the amount of text to be accommodated on a slide. If the title is in font ...view middle of the document...

• Use opening and closing slides so that the audience won’t see PowerPoint before and after the presentation

• Put everything you present on the slides. Remember that slides are just a visual aid -- if you overload them, the audience will end up trying to read the slides and not paying attention to you.
• Use different colours / fonts on every single slide.
• Use bright background colours that will strain your audience's eyes
• Use too many animation effects! They are VERY distracting for the audience and make you look like a show-off. Use animation only to make a point and not to make your presentation more interesting (use content to do that!).
• Stand in front of the OHP screen and obstruct the view of the audience. Do not use your hands to draw the audience’s attention to a specific point written on the slide. Use aids such as a laser, cursor, or a pointer.
• Forget to synchronize your speech with appropriate/respective slides.

Please read Chapter 8 (section on Application of MS PowerPoint) from the text-book (Technical Communication). Also view relevant slides on PowerPoint Presentations on the accompanying DVD.
You may also visit the following sites for further help.

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