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Title: The Importance Of Empirical Patterns In Consumer Behavior With Specific Focus On The Double Jeopardy Effect And The Duplication Of Purchase Law

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ABSTRACTIt is widely recognized that empirical research is invaluable to the study of consumptive behavior, as it provides marketing practitioners with a means to predict buyer behavior and in turn use this data to understand and positively influence consumer.(Ehrenberg, 1993) Despite this significance, many empirical studies undertaken in the field of marketing have fallen prey to 'the cult of the isolated study,' (Hubbard, 1994)(Hunter 2001), or investigations of an empirical nature that tend to focus on singular results, producing theories that are of no practical use to marketers as they can only be applied to individual circumstances (Wright, 1998). A successful way of circumventing ...view middle of the document...

Another closely related EG is that of sole loyalty, which is a generalization that encapsulates the sole loyalty principle, demonstrating that very few buyers are actually 100% loyal unless they are light buyers of the particular brand.(East, 1997) An additional EG that can be used to illustrate the benefits of empirical replication is the 'Duplication of Purchase law'. According to this principle, brands compete with customers in line with market penetration.(East 1997) All of these established EG's contradict the widely held beliefs in the area of multi-brand buying and customer loyalty. For many years it was largely accepted that smaller or niche brands possessed greater loyalty than larger brands, and that solely loyal customers were a valuable asset. (Cunningham, 1956) In response marketers focused their efforts on increasing loyalty within a brand, and directed their advertising strategies to that end. In light of the EG's in the area of multi-brand buying and customer loyalty, marketers can use these patterns to better interpret buyer behavior. Thus strategies and interventions should be focused towards increasing the brand penetration, and keeping the brand in the mind of the consumer as these actions will better foster loyalty. (Wright, 1998)When assessing the benefits of replicated empirical data in a marketing context, consideration should first be given to how EG's are cultivated, their characteristics both positive and negative and their practical use to marketing managers. Following this, several specific EG's in the narrow field of the repeat-purchase market can be evaluated, and their qualities discussed in light of the EG criteria, these including Double Jeopardy, Sole Loyalty and the Duplication of Purchase law. To provide further context these EG's can be contrasted with some of the more conventional beliefs surrounding their existence. To fully comprehend their benefit, scope should be given to their practical application and the implications for the marketing managers in their awareness of these EG's. Ultimately through this discussion, a clear consensus should emerge on the usefulness and potential of repeated observations and the positive influence they can have on a marketing manager's action.Simply defined an Empirical Generalization (EG) is 'a relationship between two or more variables that has been observed across a range of conditions'. (Uncles, 2004) EG's have their roots firmly in scientific theory and have been applied across a number of academic disciplines. (Ehrenberg, 1993) When observing an empirical pattern there are several key factors that help to determine whether or not it can be identified as an EG. Firstly a relationship must actually exist between the variables, and this must be seen to 'occur and reoccur,' thus producing a 'pattern, law or regularity' (Uncles, 2004) This relationship must also be recognized as holding under a range of conditions and this effect must also be able to be represented...

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