Title: The Magic Of "The Lord Of The Rings: Return Of The King" (Essay Explains The Special Effects Of The Return Of The King Movie)

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The film the "Lord of the Rings: Return of the King" is an amazing masterpiece. It does not merely entertain, but takes the audience to a magical land from medieval times where hearts can soar, imaginations fly, and spirits rise. The film teaches the virtues of fellowship and courage, wisdom, and determination. How was such magic made? It would have been very difficult to produce the film the Lord of the Rings: Return of the King without special effects.Many types of intriguing special effects were used in the creation of this enchanting masterpiece. These special effects can be divided into two main groups, technology based, and art based. One of the many technology based special effects ...view middle of the document...

While Andy Serkis, who plays the character of Gollum, performed the appropriate actions that were required for the role in his motion capture suit, a photographer took a series of photographs at different stages of motion throughout the required action. These photographs, along with a chip inserted in the suit that captured data from the motions, were inserted into a computer with the fluid dynamic software. The software then created the final product, a fluent, smooth movement that is realistic to the viewer.Three main types of art based special effects were used in the film making, sketches, miniatures, and props. Sketches form the basis of every single set in the film. Without the sketches, and the artists that created them, there would be no Lord of the Rings: Return of the King film. Every sketch that was drawn during the production of the film was reviewed with Peter Jackson. Once all the final sketches were approved, the team of sketch artists sat down with Peter and made a storyboard of the scene they were drawing. From this storyboard a model of the set is created, and the artists then draw a blueprint of the model in the correct dimensions for the set. This is how sketches are the bases of every set; every set is derived from them.The miniatures also played an important role in the production of the film. The largest miniature was a whopping 25 feet! This miniature was that of Minas Turith, or the "white" city. The miniature had to be that big because the city of Minas Turith is so tall and grand that it was mathematically impossible to shrink it down to a smaller size. Miniatures are important because from them artists can derive a working blueprint of what the actual set will look like, and the director can plan out where he wants the major movements to take place.Of course, a movie would be nothing without props. Every prop in the Lord of the Rings: Return of the King was created in two sizes, hobbit size and Gandalf size (lordoftherings.net). They were created both big and small. This was done so that if a hobbit, such as Frodo, was to walk by or pick up a prop it would seem to be proportioned correctly to their body. Also, every prop used in the Lord of the Rings set was hand made, none of the props were rented (lordoftherings.net). Over 20,000 household props alone were handmade for the movie. (lordoftherings.net). Props play an important role in making a set look realistic, and also in certain cases helping the actor/actress to express their emotion and add meaning to their actions.One of the main things that makes this film so enchanting is that it allows us to use our imagination. Some of the parts of the film that require us to use our imagination are those in which strange creatures, such as Gollum and Shelob appear. Creating Shelob was quite a challenge for sketch artists because "arachnophobic people all seem to have a different reason for being so. Some find the number of legs scary, others the way they walk" (Russell...

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